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News & Notes: Ramsey Draws Praise

By Gary Fitzgerald


December 7, 2005

In a year in which locker room divisiveness has been among the NFL headlines, the Redskins have stayed unified this season despite some potential conflicts.

Head coach Joe Gibbs said recently that his decision to bench Patrick Ramsey in favor of Mark Brunell in Week 2 could have created a divided locker room. He credited Ramsey's selfless attitude as a reason why it didn't happen.

Gibbs pulled Ramsey aside in the locker room prior to the Week 2 game at Dallas and told him how much he appreciated his professionalism.

"I just said I appreciated it because it was a tough situation," Gibbs said. "It says a lot about his character and the type of person he is. He's been so supportive of Mark. They get along great. Of course, Mark was in the same situation last year and he did the same thing with Patrick.

"Those are two guys there that you can kind of say are unusual people. If Patrick wasn't the kind of person he is, that could have been a tough situation. I sure appreciate it. He's done a great job."

Oftentimes this season, after Brunell has thrown a touchdown pass, it has been Ramsey who has run onto the field and congratulated him first.

"The kind of guy that Mark is, it's easy to be supportive," Ramsey said last week. "We have a great relationship inside and outside of this building. Obviously, I wanted to go out there and play for this team, but at the same time I'm not going to go against a teammate."

Man I wish he was the QB of this team. Maybe one day, I know Ill be rootin for him wherever he may end up though.

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yes i cant agree more, those guys got some class both brunell and ramsey. I would lover for him to stick around if possible, but if he wants to be a starter he'll have to go somewhere else. unfortunately, i hope he doesnt burn us wherever he goes, like qb's of the past.

knock on wood.

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I keep hearing all the sports analysts like Mortenson saying things like Gibbs has not said the future of this team belongs to Jason Campbell; that Brunell will be given this year and maybe even one more, and then Gibbs will hand the team over to whoever is more ready, Ramsey or Campbell. They say Campbell is probably the long term future of this team, but that Ramsey's stay here in Washington is far from over, as of now anyway.

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I could see Ramsey as a Rich Gannon type qb that doesn't reach his NFL prime until he is 30-32 years old. He came into the NFL with such raw skills and such little experience in an offense that approximates what is run at this level. Tulane was like playing sandlot football compared to what top programs like USC under Norm Chow did to develop guys like Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart for the NFL.

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As great a guy as Ramsey has been, he's just not going to want to sit on the bench another year when he feels he has starting material. I think he quietly goes to Gibbs in the offseason and asks for a way out of town in order to challenge for a starting spot somewhere else.

Campbell is the future, because Gibbs isn't trading a 1st round pick for a guy that MAY or MAY not be the future. I'm quite sure Gibbs has poured over Campbell film and is confident that the kid is his type of QB. He may sit another year behind Brunell unless forced into service due to injury, god forbid, but he's no on the roster as one of a cadre of "future franchise QBs" such as Ramsey AND Campbell.

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