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Which AFC division do we play next season?


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Think of it.....

We were 0-4 last year against the AFC but 3-1 against the NFC North. And that loss was due to a terrible call against GB.

This year we were 0-4 vs the AFC and are currently 3-0 against the NFC West.

I doubt next year will be the same with the toughest NFC division in the South and games with Hoson and Tennessee.

Overall we're set for another tough scedule with our division games and Indy, Atlanta, Carolina, Jacksonville, and TB on the schedule.

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AFC South...

and :cuss: the Tennessee game will be away :cuss:

At Indy

At Houston




Uh oh...The Colts. But at least we get to play Houston. Jacksonville should be a tough game too. Lets just focus about this season now, We can worry about next season in the offseason.

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