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DanBury Mint Commemorative REDSKINS Football


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Wow, there is some really nice stuff here. I want the Hogs!! And Darrel Green, and the plate and the Rocking Chair. But I see no football?? Anyone have a link for it?


I got a offer in the mail for the football, when i got it it stated they werent making them yet and if i wanted one i had to pre order it, which i did, and i just recieved it. They probably havent had time to mass produce it, yet.

Its called the washington redskins commemorative trophy, i did a search for that on the website and it came up empty.

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That is so sweet.

What is the size of the football....regulation?

If you don't mind me asking, what was the retail price?

Yup, regulation

The tee is 18k gold (plated im sure) i just read witht he documentation, its not brass like i thought, that would explain why it was $99 the threads on the ball are platinum plated

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