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Look At This Auction LOL


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I can't believe the auction is up $115 !! :doh:

There is one funny line in his description:

Mininum bid of $2,499 required for those wanting me to be a fan for the Browns, Ravens, Cardinals or Packers. Those are the teams the Lions managed to beat this year.


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That is funny, its the first time Ive ever seen anything like this before. I wonder what fan he will be next year, because I highly doubt it that he will be a Lions fan, so we should place bets on what team he will be rooting for. I personally think he should switch teams longer than the end of this year and the 2006-2007 season. If Detroit is as bad as he says it is he should be a new committed fan for life thats my opinion, what do you guys think?

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This is why I love this site so much! I would have never witnessed this. I can't believe it. Almost $300.

I have a picture of a tree that lightening hit in my yard. It literally formed a cross out of the tree. It really is quite wierd. I wonder how the top of the tree fell and positioned itself to form a perfect cross.

Anyway, I thought of putting it on EBAY because I know some religous whack will pay a lot of $$ for it.

This world is unbelievable. This auction was funny though!!!!!

Revolutionary too. I am sure this will catch on.

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Someone paid that so he would remain a Lions fan......That is nuts:


The guy gets $300 bucks for staying a Lions fan....got to give it to him; he was creative.

I still can't believe that someone actually paid him....geeeez!

Welcome to Pimping the Fan, the home of the original Fan who Pimped himself on Ebay.

The short story: I watched the Lions lose yet again on Thanksgiving 2005. I couldn't take it anymore and while driving my son back to MSU (don't even get me started) we thought of this idea. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Latest News

Bidder Pays, New Team Picked!

Less than two hours after winning the auction, the high bidder sent me the dough. Less than 2 hours and 5 minutes after the auction ended, I began drinking the profits. I needed that beer.

With a name like Bucky_Bukai, I was afraid it was going to be the Browns and I'd have to invoke the short list clause for teams beaten by the Detroit Lions this season. On the other hand I was hopeful thinking it might be the Bengals.

I was wrong.

With great pride I announce my New Favorite Team (NFT), the Detroit Lions.

It turns out Bucky bought my loyalty as a gift for his kids. All of them are displaced Lions fans living on the west coast.

This Sunday will find me in my chair, wearing my jersey and screaming Go Jeff Go!

The irony of this is I'm nearly $300 richer and still rooting for the Lions. A week ago I'd have said you couldn't pay me to root for them, but I guess you can.

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