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Michael Irvin arrest from dashcam of police cruiser

Joe Sick

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Good stuff.

I can't believe the news guy's lesson is: "Pay your traffic tickets before a warrant is issued."

Shouldn't the lesson be: "Don't keep bongs in your car."

...or just maybe: "Don't do drugs."

Dallas :doh:

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Bummer man....

"We're not busting you for the weed, but for the paraphenalia..."

So if you use rolling papers rather than a pipe, you stand a better chance of not getting busted?

Yep, i got busted for having a BROKEN pipe with residue on it in my car :doh:

if you have to have something in your car, papers are the way to go.

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When Monk retired he led the NFL record book the way that Jerry Rice does now. Monk should be in the Hall before Irvin not because he was better but because it is his time. Irvin should be in the hall and will be, but Monk's stats are superior to Swann and Stallworth who both got in before Monk after waiting longer. Jerry Rice will be a first ballot guy, but Irvin wasn't - justifiably. When you think about it though, look at how many steelers are in the hall from the 70's compared to cowboys. It's the same with the niners compared to the skins of the 80's 90's. Riggins is the only player from the first gibbs era in the hall. The media picks who gets in primarily - until that changes irrelevant opinions of the mediots will screw players like Monk which is why Tyrone Biggums Irvin will get in before Art Monk.

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Get what? That Art Monk was simply a very good receiver who played for a long time, and Michael Irvin was pretty much superior? If character questions are keeping someone from being enshrined for their on field exploits, there is a serious flaw in the system.

Your right about one thing,there is a flaw in the sytem,Ill waste my time but here goes;Michael Irvin has a morale obligation to the children and kids who look up to him.Athletes in all sports get paid to be PROFESSIONAL,[key word].Yes he does have impressive stats ,but being a drug addict,coke sniffing,pot smoking ,pond scum of a human being should keep him out of The Hall of fame where names like Walter Payton,JOE Montana,John Elway to name a few,are hanging.Do you own an Irvin jersey sir.

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