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I've missed you guys lately...


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I posted a little about my situation a couple weeks back. It's been a very hectic and crazy month, haven't had much time to post.

My son came home yesterday, hard to believe. He was 2 months early, and was so strong he only had to stay in the special care nursery for 2 weeks. He's doing great and eats like a little pig. He should catch up in size soon, considering he still has more than a month to get to what his due date was supposed to be.

Just wanted to add, my wife and I tried for six years to have him and it was a struggle and as rough as things have been over the past month, it was worth ever second.

I know from talking to other extremeskins brothers and sisters, there are others that have had difficulty with having a family and while I don't want to put any names out there, because it's such a personal thing, I just wanted to ask if you guys could send some thoughts, prayers, karma and mojo out there for anyone else that wants a family but is having difficulty.

All the positive vibes certainly helped me. I appreciate it greatly.

Here's Liam right after he got home yesterday:


Here's me and all 3 of my boys...


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Consider it done Code. And congrats to you and yours on the little one making it home and healthy at that. Cute little fellow too, ( coming from one 2 month "premy" to another). Hang in there, we'll save you a seat.

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Congrats again code! :cheers:

The tailgate definitely misses you (and Anna K), but we've all been trying to post twice as much to make up for your absence :silly:

Best wishes to you and your family, especially its newest little member. :cheers::cheers:

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Congrats code.

However, I must point this out.

The resemblance between you and the two boys on the couch is obvious.

But that one on the floor? I'm not so sure.

He's got those Michael Jackson "Thriller" looking eyes.

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Congrats, on the new kid hope everything works out and that Liam is in the best of health for life. Real cute kid by the way.. I bet your are the happiest person on the planet right now, I know exactly how it feels because I had my baby girl born on November 8th this year. Here is a pic of her.. http://www.extremeskins.com/forums/showthread.php?t=130375 Best wishes and God Bless from...

The Daniel Family :)

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