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ESPN: Javon Walker Cuts Ties With Rosenhaus


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Report: Packers WR Walker cuts ties with RosenhausESPN.com news services


Drew Rosenhaus, last seen exiting Philadelphia with high profile and deactivated client Terrell Owens, no longer represents Javon Walker, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

A source close to the players' association told the newspaper that Walker has cut ties with the agent. Walker has reportedly filed papers with the union to end his agreement with Rosenhaus.

The team placed Walker on injured reserve in September after he injured the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in the Packers' opener.

Walker, who made the Pro Bowl last season after catching 89 passes for 1,382 yards and 12 touchdowns, threatened to hold out this season if the final two years of his contract weren't renegotiated.

But he showed up in training camp on time, saying he wanted to prove he was worthy of a blockbuster contract through his play. The risk, of course, was a serious injury that would limit his earning power.

He's due $515,000 this season, the fourth of a five-year deal he signed in 2002 for $7.485 million, and Rosenhaus said last summer he couldn't let Walker risk his health for that kind of money. He even requested the Packers trade their star receiver if they couldn't accommodate him.

The Packers refused and Walker said he couldn't fathom missing any practices, much less any games, in a contract dispute. So, he set out to have another big season in hopes the Packers would make him very, very rich soon.

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I kinda have respect for Walker for still risking showing up to practices, that was obviously a huge risk in hindsight now as he cannot really expect that contract for next season it seems, they could just trade him away easily if they wanted now.

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Injury is always a risk, and having a contract is no guarantee in this age of caps and free agency. I think Rosenhaus is doing his clients more harm than good, and I think they are becoming aware of this. If TO had kept his mouth shut and played, he'd still be playing now and he'd be a rich man. But no, Rosenhaus stoked his ego, and he's immature enough to fall for it. Now, he's a gamble, a reclamation project, and he will be paid accordingly.

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