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Miami as only undefeated or rooting for Indy?


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I'm pulling for the Colts to go undefeated, and I think a lot of football fans outside of Miami probably are too. The strange thing about the Miami season was that they had to play the AFCCG against Pittsburgh on the road and then were actually underdogs against the Skins in the SB. Indianapolis is certainly going to be big favorites in their playoff games, regardless of whether they go undefeated.

Wouldn't it be wild if they did go 16-0 and then lost in the playoffs, especially to the Pats? Its shocking enough the few times a 15-1 team has lost before the Super Bowl. The Steelers loss last year was understandable, given it was to the defending champs. The Vikings loss in '98, on the other hand, was unbelievable. Granted, the Falcons were a solid 14-2 club, but the Vikings were unstoppable all year, but Gary Anderson picked an inopportune time to miss his one FG of the year!!

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i can't stand peyton manning and i feel nothing for the colts,although peytons series of commercials where he's the fan always leaves me laughing,but i am so tired of hearing about the 72 dolphins being the only team worthy of such a task.i'd like to see them do it just so we wouldn't have to hear about it any longer.then it would just be a rare feat instead of all the hype that goes along with it nowdays.

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would someone please help me change it.
redskins rule
redskins will dominate
I love the skins
i want to change my avatar.

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Utterly disgraceful spamming. 37 years old to boot.

Why don't you concentrate on adding value (ie. content) to the community... rather than the image under your username.

Trust me... you gain more respect from your members for your brain... than an avatar.

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