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2nd year coaches


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For some reference, here's how the current 2nd year coaches are doing. Every single one took over a team that was 6-10 or worse the year before:

Mularky, Bills: 9-7 last year, 4-8 this year

Turner, Raiders: 5-11, 4-8

Green, Cardinals: 6-10, 4-8

Smith, Bears: 5-11, 9-3

Coughlin, Giants: 6-10, 8-4

Gibbs, Redskins: 6-10, 6-6

Division Records

Mularky: 3-3, 2-2

Turner: 1-5, 0-5 (what a shocker!)

Green: 2-4, 3-3 (Thank you 49ers :) )

Smith: 2-4, 4-0

Coughlin: 3-3, 3-1

Gibbs: 1-5, 2-1

So, two coaches are clearly doing a better job to this point, and three are clearly doing a worse job. Considering Gibbs was out of the game for 12 years, I'd say he's doing ok so far. Just my opinion.

Henry, you left Jim Mora, Jr. off that list of second year coaches. The Falcons were 11-5 last year and are 7-5 currently.

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