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Redskins Have To Win All Their Remaining Games....But Take Each Game One At A Time!


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we cant overlook any game because each game we play from here on til the end of the season is basically the most important game of the season. Hopefully, we can beat the Cards which will pump us up for the Cowboys game. Upon beating the Cowboys, we can get revenge on the Giants. Then, for the last game of the season, we can beat the crap out of the wounded Eagles in their own stadiums just like the Seahawks did. If we do all that, Playoffs here we come!!!! HTTR!!!!

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While we may be able to get away with another loss, all we have control of right now is taking care of our business, which is what the primary focus should be.


I'm pretty sure another loss would push out out of contention. I can't see us beating out other teams for a wild card spot at 9-7, let alone the Giants/Cowboys falling behind that much for us to win the division with that record.

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