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Are the Eagles in the Reggie Bush running?


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Get real. They aren't even close to being able to get Reggie Bush. Here are all the teams in front of them if the season ended today.

Houston 1-11

N.Y. Jets 2-10

San Francisco 2-10

Green Bay 2-10

Tennessee 3-9

New Orleans 3-9

Buffalo 4-8

Cleveland 4-8

Detroit 4-8

Baltimore 4-8

Arizona 4-8

Oakland 4-8

Miami 5-7

St. Louis 5-7

Eagles 5-7

Denver (Redskins) 6-6

The number one pick overall is worth like three #15 picks.


Here is another reason I hope the team continues to win. I freaking hate Denver, and the thought of them getting a high pick from us is like battery acid in my stomach.

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