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Will Portis Go Over 1,500 for the Season?


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Currently CP has 1,079 yards. St. Louis' run D is ranked 30th....enough said. Next week vs. Arizona they face the 18th ranked rush defense averaging 112.5 yds/g. After that it goes as follows:

vs. Dallas -- rank: 10th --101.8 yds/g

vs. New York -- rank: 6th -- 92.7 yds/g

@ Philladelphia -- rank: 19th -- 113.2 yds/g

I think CP ran for like 6 yards against New York last time around. That won't happen at home, though. I think week 16 will be the deciding week for us going to the playoffs. If we beat New York then based on what the Lady Birds look like against Seattle right now:laugh: ... it'll be a piece of cake to beat them. No big heads though:doh: ...know what 'im saying

What are you guys thinking?

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Yea your right about that one ....he would of had all of Cart's yards but he was hurting so it was kind hard for them not to put rock in.

haha. Imagine if he had run for over 250 yards. All of those poor guys on the NFL Network who HATE to talk about Portis wouldn't have a choice. Would've been nice!

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I doubt it will happen. He needs to have a huge game against the Cards. His big games tend to come every 2-3 weeks with bad games in between. So if he has one more bad game with 30-60 yards then he needs to have at least one with 170+ to make up for it.

Personally I'd prefer 4 more wins anyway. It doesn't matter too much if he gets the yards if we don't win the games.

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i would be happy for him if he did. also if he could average 2tds a game too! that would be great!

How bout we trade him for shaun alexander or L.T then?lol

To LrepDC he has 1,079 Yards 6 Touchdowns with a 4.3 average and most of the year it was 4.4-4.5

I agree. If he's on pace to gain 1,439 yrds on the ground, then it's possible he should get 1500.

Would have been even more possible if he got 50 or 60 yards in the new york giants game instead of just 6 yards...:doh: oh well...

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