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MY Thoughts from inside the Dome. Their fans helped US win the game!


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I'll try and keep this short, as most of this stuff has been analyzed to death already, but here are my thoughts/observations from the Dome on Sunday.

--It was a sellout, and there were VERY few empty seats, but that was THE WORST NFL crowd I've ever seen. Just awful. No energy, no life, no excitement. Awful. I was surpsied. That Dome is cavernous and I was pretty impressed with it asthetically, but the fans were miserable. Polite, but miserable.

--But I wasn't complaining because it really helped us-- especially early. We were able to set the tone and even after they tied it, the fans barely made a sound. The fans were silent all day, and bolted early-- a bit surprising considering their comeback last week.

--I understand why Rams fans would be discouraged and lack confidence in this team, but I thought they were pretty pathetic. Lets' put it this way...I saw the Redskins play late in the year last year in San Francisco, and those fans were MUCH better than the St. Louis fans. And that says a lot.

--Offensively, it's pretty clear what we do. Gibbs plays to protect Brunell and he does it every week. We don't have any playmaking WR's outside of Moss, so I think Gibbs has simply made the decision to protect the QB, run the ball, and use our TE's and HB's. Then, we do our best to get the ball to Moss in space. There's not a lot of room for error there, but I truly believe it's the best scheme we could possibly employ.

--This O line is beginning to gel. It doesn't happen overnight. And all 5 guys are locked up for the near future. You add another weapon at WR and our offense is one of the best in the league next year.

--I'm worried about losing GW because our defense really responds emotionally. We play with attitude. The players enjoy him and seem to have extreme confidence in what he tells them to do.

--This was a satisfying win. Not a great win, but a satisfying one. Gibbs really seems to have the confidence and attention of this team. They seem to believe. And that's his biggest strength-- and always has been. The Rams are HORRID along both lines and we exposed them. Smart gameplan.

--Look folks, we control our own destiny. If we win out, we're in. If we lose one, we have around a 50-50 shot. Arizona is not an "easy" game, but it's certainly a game that teams with playoff aspirations win. They don't run the ball and they aren't good on defense. If GW can figure out a way to contain their dangerous WR duo, we should win the game. And then it's 7-6 under the lights against Dallas.

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