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Anyone here had Lasik surgery ?


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my dad got Lasik over the summer, was very nervous about it, but is very pleased now. he says he noticed a definite improvement, but his eyes are stronger on certain days than others, and if he strains them a lot by reading or things like that, then things start to get a little blurry.

but overall, he's very happy about the whole thing.

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my labmate had it done last year. initially it didn't go well and she had to get glasses again (weaker perscription). she had to have it done again (she got the lifetime touchup plan) and now she's doesn't have any problems.

i would consider doing it but i dunno about having to get touchups. i mean wouldn't it get to a point where you have nothing left to cut/trim?

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Was 20/400 (could see the big E kind of thing) Now I am better than 20/20 in both eyes. I had it 4 years ago and it went fine. Some notes...

- If you do it stick to the pre and post ops antibiotics. I set an alarm and ensured I put the drops in every 6 hours and did not miss any. I do not rub my eye in any case because of years wearing contacts so this was not a problem.

- I really have no night vision problems but some folks do. For me it is better than wearing contacts at night but not quite a good during the day.

- Ensure they measure you pupil dilated so you know if the area affected by the laser covers this otherwise you can have night vision issues.

I guess that is it. In any case it is one the best things I have ever done but remember it is surgery.

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What was the experience like during the surgery ?

I hear that you stay fully awake during the procedure.

Is it really awkward or uncomfortable ?

Haven't had it done myself (I have natural 20/15 vision :D), but my brother-in-law had it done and brought home a video of the experience. One of the things he mentioned that the video didn't convey was the smell of burning flesh that accompanies the laser procedure.

I have heard that some people get a "halo effect"; has anyone here experienced that?

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