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Pairs of Identical Twins Marry

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA-December 5, 2005 - It was twice as much fun at the Malaysian wedding as two pairs of identical twins tied the knot.

Guests could be pardoned for thinking they were seeing double: The best men were twins. So were the bridesmaids and the flower girls, the Star newspaper reported Monday.

The paper reported that Zeenat Begam Sawai Hamid and Zannat Begam Sawai Hamid, 23, had been promised by their parents soon after birth to identical twin brothers Hasan Mohammed Yusof and Husen Mohammed Yusof, 26. The two sets of parents were good friends, the Star said.

But the families lost touch with each other until seven years ago, and agreed to fulfill their pledge. Their children took their vows on Sunday in Balakong, a town outside Kuala Lumpur.

The Star said the two sisters, born 48 seconds apart, are medical students. The older groom is a clerk in Malaysia's central bank, Bank Negara, and the younger, born four minutes later, is a businessman.

The couples wore identical dresses, but one pair was decked in yellow while the other in purple. The twin best men, Mohammed Aswad and Mohammed Hafiz Yaakob, 20, wore identical dresses, and could be told apart only because one of them has a thin beard.


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What are the chances each couple will have children that are genetically identical? I mean, it is possible that two seperate couples will give birth to exactly the same child (different individuals but the same DNA).

That would be cool.

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