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Rocky 6 pictures!


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All I could find was this.........


Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) has now been retired for some time, but hard-up for money, he decides to step back into the ring against a few small-time boxers. Everything changes, though, when Rocky is offered the opportunity to step in with the reigning Heavyweight Champion, Mason "The Line" Dixon. Does Rocky still have what it takes to make another Championship comeback??

Summary written by CKV

Rocky Balboa is now a fifty-something widower running a small restaurant in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, the World Boxing Heavyweight Champion, Mason "The Line" Dixon is the dominant force within his sport. Lonely, Rocky feels the ring beckon him once more and he knows he must return to the sport that he loves.

Summary written by JesusFan

'Rocky Balboa' examines one of America's greatest icons at a vulnerable period in his life--middle age. A former heavyweight boxing champion, known and renown throughout the world for going the distance, Rocky finds a new venture: giving back to his community. This is where he, once more, finds himself at the opposing side of opportunity, not unlike the one he has seen decades ago. Heavyweight champ Mason Dixon and his representation offer Rocky a shot for the title. For Balboa, it'll be one last hurrah he'll never forget.....but with his glory days far behind him can he withstand the inevitabilities of what's to come? A look at going full circle and wanting more, when life turns out how you least expect it and then some.

Summary written by balboa82

The further adventures of Rocky Balboa continue with this sixth installment of the Rocky saga. Rocky, now a lonely 60-year-old widower, is offered a chance to fight the newest (albeit fictional) world heavyweight boxing champion Mason "The Line" Dixon. Although encouraged by his management to "Go for it!" Rocky initially declines and catches flack from everyone. Rocky eventually decides to do it just to compete, but not necessarily to win.

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I'm impressed... Stallone is pushing 60 and check out those guns.

I'm wondering if they were able to get the cast back together... I looks like Paulie is in the movie, and the son isn't the same one from the last movie.

Doesn't matter, I'm sure I will watch it as I liked all of the previous movies no matter how corny or predictable some of the later ones were.

IMDB is showing Rambo IV in pre-production... Looks like he is cashing in on some of his old successes one more time... I can hardly wait for "Over the Top II".


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wow, i thought he was gonna coach someone in the 6th movie again, like the 5th, but i guess im not sure how they could do that again. If he enters the ring like that again, it seems kinda pointless as well. I hope it is done well, otherwise Rocky IV is still my favorite.

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Set report!

AICN guys.

While you guys were having at it at the Alamo, some of us have to slum it in Vegas.

Hope you can use this.

Thanks for making AICN a daily timekiller at work.



There's good news and bad. First the good news.

ROCKY BALBOA should be a great movie. Stallone's showing his age, but the old coot looks better than any 60 year old I've ever seen. The guy's a few pounds heavier than his advertised weight back 15-20 years ago, but there wasn't much sign of flab on that frame.


It's the conclusion of the movie, with Rocky and Mason "The Line" Dixon (Pro Boxer Antonio Tarver) as the special attraction at Mandalay Bay. The ring was still configured for an HBO PPV from the night before, except for the god awful addition of GoldenPalace stuff splattered all over the ring floor, and turnbuckles sponsored by Ameriquest and NetJets. Oh, yeah...and Paulie's a walking billboard. His porkpie hat even has goldenpalace.com splattered on the front, along with assorted sponsors on his jacket.

In the film, Dixon is the undefeated, undisputed triple crown champ, and appears that there's some sort of mutual respect going on with Rocky. Like the trades said, this isn't a bad guy and for that matter, if you think about it, Apollo Creed wasn't one in the first two movies.

The crowd was first filmed with cheering for each as they made thier way into the ring, with Michael Buffer on the mic. Then, out of nowhere for a cameo (*see end for spoiler*) was ringside and giving Mason Dixon a whole lot of grief. It doesn't take rocket science to know that there could be some legitimate heat between the two outisde the movie, especially if Antonio Tarver chooses to really take the leap up to heavyweights. Okay, cameo over and then break.

Some miscellaneous shots then break.

Jim Lampley, and Larry Merchant from HBO were joined for the filming by that annoying dingbat Max Kellerman. Max...hmmm, Max reminds me of obnoxiousness of Jim Rome with the Opie Taylor-ishness of WWE's Michael Cole. I really don't want to hate the guy, but he's too much like Rome. All feelings aside, those three nailed thier long string of lines it seemed in one take. Okay, there was couple pickup shots, but hey they worked. It didn't hurt things any that there was a couple guys in the ring mocking up the fight. I think the Dixon stand-in is actually Antonio Tarver's sparring partner, while Rocky's stand-in resembled a high school PE teacher.

After a brief lunch break...

A few isolated shots of Merchant, Kellerman, and Lampley were done to make for pre-and-post fight commentary. The bell ringer couldn't get a clear ring, so they kept reshooting then finally switched to the 10-second clapper. Lots of fun...yay!

Fianlly, we got to a meaty conclusion. The real Rocky and Dixon were in the ring fighting for the last few seconds of the 10th and final round, while everyone around the place was going ape****. The bell rings and we all go berzerk. Again...and again...and again.

(BIG ASS SPOILER WARNING -WIPE OUT TEXT) There's four finishes filmed, all of them (so far) have the two going the whole ten rounds. This'll make the first time in a Rocky film that the finish goes to the scoring cards.

* Rocky wins by Unanimous Decision

* Rocky wins by Split Decision

* Mason wins by Unanimous Decision

* Mason wins by Split Decsion

The final shots were re-shoots from the earlier scheduled shots. My 10 hours were up, so I hauled ass home. See my reasons below.

BeInAMovie.com sucks. But why, you ask, do they suck?

* They waited until the absolute last second to distrubute the information out to the people who signed up, which made the other five people in my party cancel.

* Most of us ended up parking on city streets in a really...REALLY ****ty part of town. This really sucks partially because of the Las Vegas Marathon shutting the streets down that got us access to Mandalay Bay, but the BIAM.C got the Sin strip joint's parking lot but didn't use all of it...instead most of us ended up parking in Bum****Egypt in anything but "SECURE PARKING".

* They advertised "hundreds of free prizes" including CD players, TVs, and Autographs. Those stingy cheap ****s managed to get A TV, some bargain basement DVDs and a few teeshirts. They totally hosed us out.

* We volunteers were treated like total ****ing trash. We weren't told ahead of time that we'd be pushed to the side to make room for SAG and non-union paid extras. That included lunch...while they got a full hour for lunch, we had to wait until the set was cleared of important folk and (***** ***** *****).

* The coffee tasted like ****. Not that I know exactly what **** tastes like, but if I had to hazard a guess, it tastes like that coffee they served.

* No soda. I went into caffiene withdrawl.

* The water was room temp. No cold water for the Volunteers.

* Stale Bagels

* Mealy apples.

* Thier warm-up guy, "Dante," is a total tool. After punting the prize giveaway, he had the balls to beg us to come back Monday and Tuesday...****ing wank...most of us (damn near 100) decided to bail during the filming of a pickup shot that had a hard camera on us. Some of us (and I'm not saying who) also took the opportunity to snap a few shots of the set during filming. I'm not saying when, but I'm sure I'll get a couple shots to post in addition to the ones that'll appear on thier official website.

So, **** beinamovie.com. I'm glad the other five didn't come, 'cos they would have hated the experience.

Oh, and that cameo was Mike Tyson. Surprised? Didn't think so.

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I'm wondering if they were able to get the cast back together... I looks like Paulie is in the movie, and the son isn't the same one from the last movie.

i'm pretty sure the actor that played paulie died fairly recently... i may be wrong though.

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