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Karma Thread: St. Louis style...


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OK, OK, OK, just give me one more week. If the magic and lustre doesn't return to our beloved Skins this week, I'll admit that the Karma threads don't work and that God really does hate us. I'll thank you to remember though that the first karma thread this season was prior to the Eagles game. (Yeah, so the rest have failed miserably. What's your point?)

So, here we go. This thread is to be used for saying nice things -- and only nice things -- about this week's opponent, the St. Louis Rams. If you choose, you can compliment the city, state of Missouri, or anything else having to do with the Rams; just no negativity. Thanks! I'll start...

:notworthy I like St. Louis because the Cardinals used to play there, and Pat Tillman used to play for the Cardinals. :notworthy


On a lighter note...

I like the Rams because lamb chops taste good.:hungry:

I like the Rams because the gold on their unis is actually gold and not yellow. (No offense to us...errr...:doh: )

I like the Edward Jones Dome because all you'd have to do is take the roof off and it'd be an open-air stadium. :silly:

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I like the Rams cuz their old uni's were so cool.

I agree 100%. I still can't quite get used to the actual gold. They're not bad, but the old ones were nice.

And, um, I like St. Louis because no matter how good the Rams are, it will always be a baseball town.

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OK, I'm new to this...ummm...err.....ahem (cough)...OK I have one....

The Rams are nice 'cuz wool is soft...oh wait, that's sheep!...strike that.

Tha Rams are nice 'cuz real Rams butt heads and that is cool!

whew! nothing negative.

Strong first offering! :cheers:

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I like St. Louis because it is in Missouri, the "show me" state. Show me what, I don't know...... ;)

You reminded me that I hadn't posted any Rams cheerleaders pics. Firewall at work has me blocked. :( Apparently, they don't wanna "show me."

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