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Camp Update from Friday's Post...


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Training Camp Tracker

Who's Hot, Who's Not

LaVar Arrington must have been hot. After practice, players were told to run sprints without their helmets and shoulder pads. But the linebacker kept the heavy stuff on, and it didn't prevent him from being among the first to finish in his group. . . . Rookie Ladell Betts looks like Spurrier's kind of running back: one who can catch. Betts continued to display his pass-catching ability, grabbing short tosses before darting downfield for extra yards. . . . A pass to Chris Doering looked out of reach, and was headed for the sideline. But the 6-4 wide receiver stretched out his right arm and snagged the ball despite being hounded by cornerback Mark Washington. . . . The Redskins continued practice following a 20-minute delay caused by thundershowers. But the several hundred fans who left Biddle Field were told practice would be canceled and didn't return for the camp finale.

Ranking the QBs

How The Post sees it after Thursday's practice:

1. When in doubt, Danny Wuerffel appears to look for his former college target, Chris Doering, a wide receiver who often knows just what the quarterback is thinking and gets open for the catch.

2. Shane Matthews has solidified his position as the backup quarterback barring an immense drop-off by Wuerffel. Matthews finished camp strong.

3. Sage Rosenfels threw darts for much of the day. He seems more comfortable on mid-range passes than throwing deep.

4. Patrick Ramsey threw some spectacular passes that were countered by mistimed tosses. He has a way to go despite having the best arm among the quarterbacks.

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Originally posted by Novato

Ok, I'm cool with the QB and the WR corps as they are now.

Hopefully we are going to be able to start getting a clearer view of the starters and the backups in this upcoming game against Pitt.

We just need to solidify the O-line and we will be in good shape!

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A four qb system is rare.....but then again......Double S has his own way of doing things.

In the offensive scheme of things, he might decide that is what he needs. I believe, like redman (oh lord, what am I saying? :laugh: ) that there are other offenses more suited for Sage.



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Steve has gone both ways. After Sage looked good in the opener, he said he could consider keeping 4 depending on the situation.

And he also said he can't teach/prepare 4 QB's and that he prefers to only work with 2.

Those statements aren't necessarily in conflict, it just means that if they keep 4, then sage has proven to be too good of a prospect to release.

But once camp is over, Steve will only prepare the top two guys ... probably Weurfell and Matthews.

Ramsey will be sent to run the scout team from here on out, and the QB coach and Ramsey himself will be responsible for putting in the extra work needed to learn the offense and the reads.

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