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Redskins greatest hits 2005

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Hey all. Im going to create a redskins greatest hits video and hopefully will be able to realease it by the end of the season (after we win the superbowl :D ) But i wont realease it til season for us is over i wanna get all the hits i can get. This video will be mostly defense highlights if not all defense highlights. Well see how things go. But this is were i need your help...I need as much help as i can get creating this video. If you can send me videos of the redskins playing that will help me alot and will be greatly appreciated. Any videos of players getting hyped up before/during or after the game is also prefered and i am also getting alot of help from skinfanatic. This videos gonna be sweet cant wait. Til then lets GO SKINS :wavetowel :wavetowel :wavetowel

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