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So we had our 1st big snow storm of the season up in my neck of the woods, which usually leads to be spending more time inside and playing online poker.

Do we have any other players here? If so, where do you play? I'm usually at PartyPoker, which I believe is the most popular site out there. I worked my way through there initial deposit bonus (20% up to $100) which is a good way to get used to the game online. Any other sites offer good initial bonuses like this? I'm kind of wary of some of these other sites, so any recommendations?

And any good poker tales? :)

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I play on PartyPoker as well. I pulled the same gimmick as you, I bought in, played long enough to get the 20% bonus, and then pulled out all the cash except the 20% bonus. I've been playing on that bonus for over 4 months now.

As for other sites....Ultimate Bet is supposed to be really good, and if you're looking to improve your game or play against better players, that's the place to be.

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