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Large Gov't vs Small Gov't

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Arguement for Smaller gov:

there is an economic crouding out effect. When the governement takes on tasks, the net gain to the economy is not maximized as can be when the private industries take over a task. It has to do with how you pay for what you want government to do. From a graphical/theory standpoint it's pretty clear, but hard to put in words on a messageboard.

There is also a perception that if th government does it, it will be done in an inefficient manner.

Finally, there is the issue of scope creap. Once the gov says it will do something, it is very hard t ostop doing it. Voters are happy when you give them something and angry when you take it away.

Arguements for big gov:

There are things that we all beneifit from, that noboy would or could pay for. For example the military would be prohibitively expensive for each citizen or even each corporation to pay for. What's more, we would only pay for what we thought we needed. How much would you the citizen pay to send somebody to Iraq? Would you pay enough to send one soldier? The government consolidates resources to meet the needs of society.

There are things the government does better than private industry. For example, collect unbiased information. Do you want Merk to be the oly one looking to se if drug X (manufactured by Merk) is safe?

I would also argue that there are huge projects where the Government is probably the only institution in the country big enough with enough resourses to take on. What coompany or individual could have gotten us into space? Yes there are private companies looking into it now....how many years later (and using existing tech I might add). For some big projects the government is the only one capable of getting them done.

Finally, there has long been an assumption that everything the government takes on is inefficient. This is only sometimes true. Take medicare for example. About 5 years ago, there was a study where they took two groups of people with comparable health problems. One they gave a privitized insurance and the other kept medicare. The medicare group spent less to get their care. In part that was because the medicare group rates were lower because of the shear numbers of people medicare can negotiate rates for. Note this is not saying government was efficeint. It is simply saying they were more so from a resouce standpoint than the next most feasable option.

I'm not inherintly pro big gov or small gov. One just has to look at what we get for the resources put in vs what we would get from a private sector equivalent.

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Expansionary fiscal policy includes both a cut in taxes and an increase in government spending. Government spending provides a larger boost to the economy then a rise in disposable income, like say through a tax cut. People like to talk about spending cuts and smaller government but no one likes to talk about the negative effects such a move would have on the economy.

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yeah.... the country's framers knew the dangerous of giving the Fed to much power, and believed that a weaker Fed and strong states rights was the way forward in the new Democracy.

Unfortunately, the power hungry ****roaches in Washington have consistently chipped away at state's rights, not to mention individual rights, and continued to gain power NOT given to them in the Constitution. Sure..it's human instinct.... but "We the People" have allowed it to the point that no matter what we say now..... the corrupt politicians ignore us. What we need now is a revolution.... to take back our govt. from special interest groups and career politicians.

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Small government is great but I understand when big government needs to reign in mob rule as we see in Frisco, Oregon and Seattle.

The military I dont see as a government program though there are former officers who do behave like spineless liberals when they get out.

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