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Failing to throw deep


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We were having more success throwing the ball deep. It seems now that we are throwing a lot of 15-20 yard routes and relying on YAC's. Pretty much every team is doubling up on Moss now and leaving themselves semi-vulnerable to the run. Then boom Clinton is having some much much better games, including the fact he's not flopping around anymore. We need to as a team find a balance. Gibbs needs to keep calling that deep pass to Moss and not just relying on the "hype" that "watch out Defense Moss can go the distance!". For a minute there Moss was quiet, but he had a pretty good game vs SD. And whats up with Williams decreasing the QB pressure in the second half? He had some good packages in the 1st half, but i dont know about the second. I think Williams is relying on "paranoia" and the psychological message he is trying to deliver of "Look at what our D is capable of, don't f*ck with us". But then they stop? And at times so does the O especially in the second half? We did great in the 4th quarter our first three or four games (Moss factor, now he gets double teamed and we have no answer at times). And then we have to hear Gibbs every week say I THINK there was some stuff out there that me as a coach could have done differently...and so on and so on. (He says he THINKS a lot which scares me, by this point in his career and in life he should say he knows) Gibbs is the man though and i am just really frustrated! Coaching staff is great, and pretty sure after this offseason we should be able to close out games. I just hope Campbell looks good in the preseason. But never-the-less I think we still have a chance this year to go 9-7 maybe 10-6! But who knows...

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Paragraphs are your friend

Throwing deep as we saw against the Raiders is not easy. You gotta step up plays, have the right matchups and oh yeah the WR has to run a great route and the QB has to throw the ball on time and on target

The deep passing game is so hard to consistantly do well. That is why the 1991 Redskins were so amazing, with that deep passing game Gibbs had and Rypien's touch, it was impossible to stop

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