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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


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Sarge, come on, just because he doesn't agree with you doesn't mean that he's not one of the great actors of the past 20 years. Fear and Loathing, Blow, Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands, etc.

Agreed, although he has had his share of quite weird and not so good movies.

I will see this movie for sure. He did a fantastic job in the last one.


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the guy chooses all the roles he wants to do, and yeh, they are usually on the weir side.

Apparently for Pirates of the Caribbean three, they are going to put Keith Richards as Jack Sparrow's father, figuring that's who they were trying to emulate, so may as well.

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When I was in the Virgin Islands last year, we went on a snorkling cruise and the Captain of the ship pointed out an island that Depp apparently purchased in order to film this movie. How much does a freaking island cost?! It wasn't real big, and was uninhabited, but still.

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POTC is one of my top 5 films of all time.

Im glad they've decided to make it a franchise.

I'll see it for sure.

OK, I know you're exaggerating, but I had to check and from this thread you didn't list it among your top 10; it didn't even make 'honorable mention'. :)




Streetcar Named Desire


Animal House

Sound of Music

Gone with the Wind


Apocalypse Now

Hon mentions (ie favorites, but not "top ten"


Risky Business

Old School



Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park

any movie with " The Coreys"

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It is worth noting that Johnny Depp picked up the first movie, slung it over his shoulder, and carried it for 2 hours.

That movie would have been a joke without Depp in the film.

I read an article in Vanity Fair where Disney tried several times to persuade Depp to drop all the 'gay stuff' in the portrayal of his character. :laugh: They (Disney) had a completely different idea on how Depp's character should be portrayed. I'm guessing here that it would have involved an eye patch and repetition of the word 'ARRR' :doh:

Thank God Johnny didn't listen.

You guys can rip on his political views (I'll join in), but don't discount him as a flake or an idiot... that guy is a genius.

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He was quite interesting in Willy Wonka and the Choc Factory as well.... Very odd indeed!

I agree that he did a great job at portraying the type of character that he chose to portray in that movie

However, I think poor character analysis in the beginning led to a very good performance in a completely wrong direction. I find it daring that he tried to do something so drastically different with the character than gene wilder, but I would have liked it better had he stayed closer to wilders interpretation. I also would have liked to see Christopher Walken(one of the finalists in the selection process) fill that role.

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And nobody liked Sleepy Hollow ? I thought it was a great interpetation of the Washington Erving classis. I watch it every year around Halloween a few times.

I've been looking forward to the second of the POTC. Of course, I hardley get to the movies so it may be a long time before I get to see it....... :(

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Pirates of the Caribbean was ridiculously awesome, one of the 10 best movies I have ever seen. But guys, the other actors did their thangs too. Rush, Bloom, even Kiera were better than they had any right to be. Of course, Jack Sparrow was the difference maker, but its not like the scenes without him are worthless. The Depp man can captain MY ship anyday!

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