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Spitting Contest Results in DEATH!


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My office colleague just forwarded me an article from Chicago Tribune about a 23-year old man who fell to his death yesterday in Mt. Pleasant, IL (see story 1) while engaging in a spitting contest.

I wanted a link to the story -- so I googled the headline -- only to find MORE deaths linked to spitting contests! Stop the insanity people!! When you find yourself on high place, resist the urge to mark your ascent -- or you may find yourself following your loogie!!


1)On or around 29 Nov 2005 in Mt. Prospect, IL:


Man falls off balcony, dies during a spitting contest

Published November 30, 2005

MT. PROSPECT -- A Mt. Prospect man died Tuesday after he fell from a second-story balcony during a spitting contest, police said.

Bartosz Drobek, 23, of the 1700 block of West Palm Drive was on the balcony of his apartment smoking cigarettes with his brother and a friend about 12:30 a.m. Monday. As Drobek was getting ready to spit, he lost his balance and fell about 20 feet, hitting his head on the pavement, said Mt. Prospect Police Officer Dirk Ollech.

Drobek was taken to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge in critical condition. He was pronounced dead shortly after noon Tuesday.

Although his fall is believed to be accidental, police are investigating it. An autopsy will be conducted Wednesday.


2) On around June 6, 2005 in Wildwood Crest, N.J:


Man Dies During Spitting Contest At Shore

Police Investigating Balcony Fall

POSTED: 5:29 pm EDT June 6, 2005

UPDATED: 7:51 am EDT June 7, 2005

Police at the Jersey Shore are still investigating what appears to be a tragic accident.

They believed the victim fell during a rudimentary contest with a couple friends, to see who could spit the farthest from a motel balcony.

"We heard screaming, lots of screaming outside," said Lauren Weingartner, a witness.

Within seconds, Weingartner learned the commotion coming from the Aqua Beach Resort Motel in Wildwood Crest, N.J., was the result of a fall from a fifth-floor balcony.

Police said at about 11 p.m. Saturday, Christopher McLaughlin, 23, of Oakland, Bergen County, lost his balance and plunged some 45 feet to the pavement below.

Investigators said prior to the mishap, McLaughlin was hanging out on the balcony with two friends.

"They were attempting to see who could spit off the balcony the furthest, when he lost his balance and fell over the railing to the ground," said Lt. David Mayer of the Wildwood Crest police.

McLaughlin suffered severe head injuries. Rescuers rushed him to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Authorities said at this point, there's no evidence McLaughlin had been drinking, but they won't know for sure until toxicology test results come back in a few weeks.

The victim was here for an Elks convention and that's also what brought Weingartner to the Wildwoods.

"It really changed the whole mood of the weekend. It was a really sad place to be," said Weingartner.

Police say city inspectors checked out that balcony railing Monday morning, and found everything to be up to code.


3) On or about March 5, 2003 in Ottawa, Canada


Boy dies after 10-storey fall

Last updated Mar 5 2003 08:46 AM EST

CBC News

An 11-year-old Ottawa boy fell off his family's apartment balcony and to his death Tuesday evening.

Shane Russell was reportedly playing on the 10th-storey balcony in an apartment building on Baycrest Drive, near Herongate Mall.

Police say the boy was taken to hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Police believe his death was accidental and don't suspect foul play.

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