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As i was thinking

We trade ramsey to lions for a 2rd (46) pick

We sign T.O ( i doubt it, but be nice) or reggie wayne

Sign TE Chris Baker (jets) or Aaron o shea ( browns)

Sign Veteran OG

Then we draft

2rd (46) daryyl Tapp (DE)

2rd (51) Micheal Huff (SS)

3rd ( 83) Maurice Stovall ( WR)

What do you guys think??

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I see them going after Darren Howard and maybe a tightend. The Colts implement the two tightend set on passing downs well. We need a solid (not pro bowl) tightend to at least keep defenses honest. I dont think Wayne will make it out of Indy. Manning has played without Edge before and if the draft has taught us anything its that you have a better chance of getting a good running back in the late 1st to second round than a receiver. Portis, Bell and Jones were all taken in the second round.

I dont think we can afford another high priced o-lineman like Hutchinson. We have a lot invested in our line already. We should draft a possesion receiver and a defensive with the end being taken first. That would leave depth on o-line and a corner back.

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If there is no CBA extension before 3/1/06 the cap is projected to be about 90M and the Skins have around 42 contracts signed for 06 that amount to about 112M of cap hits. Add about 4M to fill out the roster and a few M for incentives and escalators and 120M is a more realistic starting point. Harris Noble Bowen and perhaps Ramsey are the cuts that produce the greatest cap relief[about 7M combined] on the roster. There are a number of roster bonuses that could be guaranteed and prorated normally but since it is the final capped year of the present CBA there is debate about whether they will be allowed to push salary due in a capped year into uncapped years when the reason those large roster bonuses are there is to meet CBA rules designed to prevent teams from pushing salary into uncapped years. It's the first time the NFL has reached the final capped year[if there is no extension by 3/1/06] so it could get very interesting for a few teams.

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