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How similar are the '05 Colts to the '99 Rams?


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The Colts are better. Their team speed on defense is alarming. The Rams D in '99 was decent, but they didn't have as many playmakers as the Colts.

The passing games are about the same. The Rams may be better because it was so revolutionary at the time.

The Colts advantage on offense is that they can go smash-mouth at a moment's notice. Faulk is probably a better overall back than James. But James can punish you.

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Kurt vs Peyton : Advantage Colts (7-3)

Marshall vs Edgerrin : Advantage Rams (6-4)

Issaac vs Marvin : Advantage Colts (6-4)

Torry vs Reggie Wayne : Advantage Rams (7-3)

Ricky Proehl vs Brandon Stokely : Advantage Rams (6-4)

Ernie Conwell/Roland Williams vs Dallas Clark : Advantage Colts (6-4)

D'marco Farr vs Monte' Reagor : Advantage Rams (6-4)

Keven Carter vs Dwight Freeney : Advantage Colts (6-4)

Dick Vermeil / Mike Martz vs Tony Dungy / Tom Moore : Advantage Rams (6-4)

COLTS : 25 Rams : 31

*Now remember, we are talking about these players/coaches during their respective super bowl (potential SB in Indy's case) year


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What I like about the Colts is they've shown they can beat you any way you want. They can pound the ball (which Edge is better than Faulk at). They can outscore you. They can shut you down. They can milk the clock EVEN if you take away the run...

I agree. It's a classic case of pick your poison.

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