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Skins broke an undefeated streak in '75


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Don't know if anyone has started a thread on this, but on MNF last night they brought up the historic teams that have started out undefeated through 10 games. One of them was the 1975 Vikings, who started out 10-0 before getting beat by.......the Skins! I was a very young (8) Skins fan back then and faintly remember the game, but probably didn't realize back then that the Vikings were undefeated heading into it. I looked up the score.....we won 31-30, and we were coming off back-to-back losses to the Cardinals (the infamous Mel Gray "catch") and a heartbreaking overtime loss to the Raiders to put us at 6-4. The Skins wound up dropping their last two games that year to finish 8-6 and out of the playoffs, while the Vikings lost to the Cowboys (big Staubach to Pearson pass late that also had its share of controversy) in the playoffs.....the Cowboys reached the SB before losing to Pittsburgh.

Any old timers remember that Skins-Vikings game?

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