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Does 6-10 get us in?


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I've been looking over the remaining schedules for all of the top 5 draft pick contenders, and this is basically what I've come up with:

We can get in at 6-10. Why, you might ask? The below average team called the Redskins I would answer.

If the Redskins lose 4 out of the next 5 to go 6-10, our chances of getting a top 5 draft pick are very good.

Obviously it would be preferable to win out, but 6-10 can do it. Here's what needs to happen:

Tennessee, New Orleans, Arizona and Baltimore must go 4-1 or better the rest of the way, to end up at 7-9. All of these COULD happen, as long as they beat the far superior team who they face in their matchup each week. Next, Buffalo, Cleveland, Miami, Detroit, and Oakland must all go 3-2 or better. If we go 1-4 down the stretch and end up beating out these teams, a top 5 draft pick will be ours.

But what about the NFC South, you say? Every team is that division is better than the Redskins, so stop worrying.

Here is the Colts' schedule: Tennessee, @Jacksonville, San Diego, @Seattle, Arizona.

That team, in all honesty, could end up 16-0, or even better. The Redskins should really look up to this exemplary franchise to see what a real NFL team looks like.

To sum up...

ROOT FOR: Redskins (to lose), Tennessee, New Orleans, Arizona, Baltimore, Buffalo, Cleveland, Miami, Detroit, and Oakland

ROOT AGAINST: Cowboys (as always)

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That's nice and all, but Denver gets our first pick next year.
Yes, we do!

This guy is clearly a denver fan beacuse after amchair says denver gets our 1st pick next year, this denver donkey fan says Yes we do. I guess he thinks we will win one out of our last 5 games and that those clowns will get our pick which will be a top 5 pick. Typical Donkey fan, why did you even bother coming on this site to post that mess. Go back to your donkeys forum and talk football douche!!!

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Laughter is the best medicine. - Patch adams

I think we need to be able to laugh at ourselves; this is actually a somewhat witty parody. As, I for one, am despondent as a result of our consecutive losses, this parody was actually a tad funny.

However, no excuses for copying another posters exact setup, of a realistic scenario.

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hmmm, so we are going to lose so we get the first pick in the SECOND round. This a new and radical idea but i think the collapse in morale may be worth it to get the 33rd best player in the draft.

I am being sarcastic if no one caught that

He is a Bronco fan bud....they have our #1.

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