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I can't even read some of these threads anymore. "Joe needs to go, get rid of him and him and him". Did you really expect the Skins to be 11-5 this year? Please get a grip, if we go 9-7 we improved on last year by 3 games. The Skins need consistency more than anything ..

It was going to take Gibbs 2 years or more to clean up the mess Spurrier made. Stick behind Gibbs, we are a couple players away from being GREAT, yes great.

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When we win people are going crazy talking about how we're going to the playoffs and what not. When we lose, people are jumping off the deep and and asking for the coaches head.

Let not forget people...this is year two!! we were 6-10 last year. Obviously we are having a tought time right now, but we have shown a lot of improvement. This franchise was a freakin mess 4 years ago. Little steps people.

Now, we have had some tough breaks. Good teams end up on the plus side of these breaks (Broncos- great example). It's not our turn yet, but it's coming. We're on the right track

I guess I'm just don't like reading all these negative threads. I love coming to this site after a win. After a loss I find myself not coming on as much because of all the negativity. Try not to go nuts and find some middle ground.


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