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1000th post! And i waste it on playoff scenarios


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For my 1,000th post, I will show why I am a glutton for punishment. (Plus, I’m at work, so this is the perfect way to waste a couple of minutes)

So, here are our beloved Washington Redskins Playoff scenarios!

First, shooting for the moon. We run the table & finish 10-6

The only way we would not be division champions is if the winner of this Sundays Giants/Cowboys game won the rest of their games (minus us, of course)

For arguments sake, the Cowboys do just this, and finish at 11-5.

The NFC East would look like this:

Dallas 11-5

Washington 10-6

NY Giants 10-6 (at best, and we would have the tiebreaker)

Dallas would be the division champion, leaving us to fend for the wild card.

At 10-6, our possible wild card competition would be:

Carolina (Currently 8-3)

Tampa Bay (Currently 7-4)

Atlanta (Currently 7-4)

Minnesota (Currently 6-5)

One of the top three will win that division. And with five games left in the season, they each have 4 division games left. So they will beat each other up.

The schedules are: Carolina- Atlanta, Tampa, @ New Orleans, Dallas, @ Atlanta

Atlanta- @ Carolina, New Orleans, @ Chicago, @ Tampa, Carolina

Tampa- @ New Orleans, @ Carolina, @ New England, Atlanta, New Orleans

Minnesota- @ Detroit, St Louis, Pittsburgh, @ Baltimore, Chicago

Now, if we run the table, our conference record will be a stellar 10-2. Easily better than everyone. The only team that could have that same conf record as us is Carolina, but if they get that, that means THEY ran the table, and would be division champions.

The only other possible road block in our way is if we end up tied with Tampa. But, if we’re not tied with ONLY Tampa, it works to our advantage. It is imperative that Atlanta beat Tampa Bay in week sixteen. Cause if the bucs win that game, they’ll have the tiebreaker over Atlanta, and then they’ll have the breaker over us. We need Atlanta to steal that advantage, because we’ll win a tiebreaker with Atlanta with conference record.

BUT, I’m getting ahead of myself. The Tampa situation is only a problem for the FIRST wild card. The way it’s breaking down, there’s still a second.

But my head hurts right now. I think, (although I’m only 90% sure) that we’re a Minnesota Viking loss away from controlling our own destiny. The teams ahead of us have to lose, but they actually HAVE to lose, because they’re playing each other.

So this week, root for the following: Detroit (we know how that will go), New Orleans, and it doesn’t matter in the Giants/Cowboys game or the Carolina/Atlanta game (although I think Carolina winning might be easier)

Oh yeah, the REDSKINS have to win.

Keep the faith. I guess it’s time to do some work…….

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Nice breakdown.......

If only we would have finished off... hell, not even all 3... just 2 of the last 3 games, we wouldn't have to worry about this team beating this team, or winning out, or conference records.......

Ugh, it's going to be hard to get over these past 3 weeks......

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Thanks guys.

I agree that the Tampa game is going to be the one that bites us in the ass (Assuming we're in position to do something about it, of course)

Tampa is actually in really good shape. If they beat Atlanta, then they'll have tiebreakers over them, us, and Minnesota. Pretty much stamping their ticket in under any tiebreaker scenario.

So hopefully, a tiebreaker between us & Tampa is for playoff spot # 5, not spot # 6.

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I've thought all along the Oakland and SD games were not "must wins" (tho we would be MUCH better off with them, of course). Games at StL and AZ (very winnable), vs Dallas and Giants (tough, but winnable at home), then at Phil. (winnable). No cakewalk by any means, but not impossible either.

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Wonderful post brother! I too, have broken it all down just like this. The loser of the Dal/NYG game could fall on some hard times! If you look at their remaining schedules...they both play at Fed Ex, and they both host Kansas City. Then, you have Dallas at Carolina and hosting St. Louis; The Giants are at Philly and at Oakland. I gues the Giants have a bit tougher road those other 2 games so it is conceivable they lose more than Dallas.

There is also a scenarion where the NFC East ends in a 3 way tie, although unlikely. The Skins would win a 3 way tie breaker because for that to happen they will have had to sweep Dallas and split with NY.

But you have it broken down very precisely! Good job!

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Yep, we need to win out, and hope this Sundays Dallas/NY winner loses another game.

You say it doesn't matter. So, root for the Giants, by default you root against the Cowboys.

After the 36-0 shutout, I think I will abstain from choosing.


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