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Practice like we play?


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With the recent debacle that has unfolded I wonder what goes in practice at Redskins Park? The visuals this past weekend of players smiling and joking when the game would seem to demand more intensity makes me wonder about practice. I remember hearing different stories about coaches who had their teams practice like they are playing.

I will be the first to admit that in reading about old redskins teams, it would seem a relaxed practice atmosphere, as outlined in Theisman's book, never seemed to bother Joe's teams in the past. I wonder if today's athletes need more fire and brimstone during the week. I just don't get the feeling Joe, or his coaches, are barking at players for dropped balls (Royal), missed blocks(entire offensive line), or tripping over themselves when running (Portis) during the week in practice. I know Coach Gibbs has always been credited with team preparation and execution but that now is in question. I think you practice like you play and I don't think we are practicing all that hard.

What do you guys think?

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