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Something to Celebrate...kinda...


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Santana is over 1,000 this season with his game yesterday. Congrats Santana, good luck in the next 5 games breaking the single season Redskins recieving record.

Heres something else to celebrate...lets look at the stats on our terrible trade mistake!

Santana Moss: 63 catches, 1053 yards, 6 touchdowns. 16.7 yards per catch.

Laveranues Coles: 53 catches, 577 yards, 2 touchdowns. 10.9 yards per catch.

Wow what a bust that Moss deal turned out to be! Darn I wish we could have turf toe back. :D

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As I do celebrate Santana to being a great WR for us, again I say you cant compare the 2 wide recievers for thier production. Santana has had the same QB since the 2nd quarter of the first game while Coles has had to put up with 5 different, yes 5 different QB's

You think Brooks Bollinger has something to do with Moss's bad numbers?

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