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Our Punter was better then Groom . . .


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Groom had potential. He wasn't realizing that and the regular season is not the time to try and "find yourself". He was so inconsistant that his numbers trailed the league. Unfortunately Frost failed at Cleveland, starting fast but faded rapidly from midseason on. I don't know why we thought he had solved his probs. His performance her is a mirror of his last year.

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Groom was great in pre-season but crapped the bed from the opening gun of the regular season:


Player No Avg Net TB Inside 20 Long Blocked

Derrick Frost 46 40.3 36.7 3 14 55 0

Andy Groom 11 39.0 34.8 1 2 57 0

Tupa is actually the one we miss. He wasn't pretty, but he had great directional skills and always seemed to get a good roll.

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