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Why Isnt Dan S. Compared To George S.


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Am I the only skin fan that loves Dan Snyder??? I dont even think JKC would have spent the bonus $ to be able to weasle around the cap like DS does. To me he's the George S.(NYY) of football. The only time I thought he was too much was in the beginning w/Norv Turner but since then I think he has backed off too much. Remember George S. telling Joe Torre(a legend of modern times)that he didnt like a decision JT made? Everyone loves George S. because he wins the World Series but he was never been a hands off owner. I would love for DS to tell Joe Gibbs in the media that he needs to get more aggressive.

Joe Gibbs backers will have you think we are rebuilding and there is no hope in sight because of the cap but he have players like Lavar, Clinton, Santana, Washington, Taylor, Springs, Griffin, Jansen..not to mention tons of quality guys like Samuels, Raubach, Patten, Brunell, ect.. I dare say that's a more talented squad than most teams at the top of the standings. Yeah we have some injury nags, but honestly who doesnt, that a load of crap..this team is a playoff caliur team NOW...not 2 years from now..we actually have very few draft pics coming and a veteran team so we are better now as a roster than we will be in 2 years.

Snyder put a top notch squad together and JG got whatever he wanted in the off season and not the other way around. Instead of the logical notion of going after a pass rushing DE, Gibbs gets 2? speedster WR for his dink and dunk O, 2 first round pics on a QB whose talent will never be utilized fully by Gibbs conservative O, and a CB that was to partially replace Smoot and totally threw the D out of whack this year because we have a glaring weakness every week in Harris. Dont think that doesnt tie GW's hands when he wants to blitz but cant because WH will be 1 on 1.

I have been a long time die hard and although I will be hated in these forums: Dan S. is a godsend and JOE NEEDS TO GO!!!

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