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Darrell Green and Eric Dickerson foot race!


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Hi Skins fans,

Has anybody got any video clips of 86' playoff game; skins v Rams?

I am desparate to see the moment when Darrell green chases down and tackles Eric Dickerson. Dickerson must have run 50 or 60 yards only for Green, who was five yards behind, stop him going in for six!

It was awesome, electric, pure speed from the green machine!!

keep it wild!:gaintsuck

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Sorry, don't have the clip, but had to add my two pennies...

The very best DG highlight, and one of the most classic Redskin highlights of all time was Green catching Tony Dorsett from (way) behind on MNF in about 1983. He was easily 10-15 yards behind Dorsett as the play broke and closed that distance in maybe 3-4 seconds with just pure eye-popping speed. Passing fellow defenders (and Cowboy receivers trying to block downfield), Green caught up to Dorsett and made the tackle (around the 15 or 10 if memory serves?)

Dorsett was a very fast RB, and that tackle somewhat took the wind of the Cowboys sails despite a huge (50-60 yard?) run.

Seemed like everyone in the entire NFL just said "Whoa!" when that happened.

It was just stunning. I think I smiled after that play despite giving up such a huge gain.

Had to reminisce...

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Yeah, I think we hit it on the head with the top 3 DG highlights.

The punt return in Chicago is my All Time favorite!

When he caught Dickerson, I remember Pat Summeral saying, "Goodnight!...Somebodies gonna have to really run..and it's Darrell Green!"

It totally looked like he was gone when Summerall said "goodnight", but then he realized he spoke to soon.

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