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Scouts, Inc's Monday Breakdown - NFC

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Scouts, Inc's Monday Breakdown - NFC

Welcome to The Show! On Monday, we'll debut a special weekly chat breaking down every NFL division with the experts from Scouts Inc.

We'll hit on every team in the division (yes, even the 49ers will get a mention) so get your questions ready. We'll talk AFC from noon - 2 ET, then NFC from 2-4 ET.

Here's the NFC lineup. Send in your questions now, then join the experts on Monday for all the answers!

2 ET -- NFC East with Jeremy Green

Dallas, New York Giants, Philadelphia, Washington

2:30 ET -- NFC North with Matt Williamson

Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota

3 ET -- NFC South with Steve Muench

Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa Bay

3:30 ET -- NFC West with Steve Muench

Arizona, St. Louis, San Francisco, Seattle

Click here for the AFC chat, (noon - 2 ET)!

Jeremy Green: (2:01 PM ET ) Hi everyone. I am sitting down and ready to take your questions. Let's roll.


Fouche in DC: What position do you think the Cowboys will end up in the NFC playoff race? Also do you think they will win the East?

Jeremy Green: (2:03 PM ET ) I think they will be the 5th or 6th seed int he NFC, meaning I do not think they will win the division. They play 3 of 5 on the orad and play a resurging Kanas City team at home. This will prevent them from winning the Division.


Omar Freehold, NJ: Even with the loss to the Seahawks, don't you think the Giants, especially Eli Manning, proved not only to the NFC, but the entire NFL, that they are a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

Jeremy Green: (2:04 PM ET ) Yes. I think they need to get back to basics though. They have had an alarming # of mental mistakes and penalties going back to the Minnesota game.


Brian Landers Albany, NY: If the Cowboys sign T.O. will they be a serious super bowl contender??

Jeremy Green: (2:05 PM ET ) If and only if Parcells can contol him. Nobody questions T.O. as a player. He is great on Sundays and his presence would make anyone a better team on game day.


Billy (Arkansas): Was Washington's start nothing more than smoke and mirrors (as many said after the 3-0 start), or are they for real and just going through a rough stretch?

Jeremy Green: (2:06 PM ET ) I think it was a little bit of smoke and mirrors. Offensively they just don't have enough playmakers in the passing game. In recent weeks teams are taking Moss away more and more and they lack that other threat in the passing game.


Jeremy (Sioux Falls, SD): What or who do you see philly looking at or taking in the draft and how do you think they finish the year?

Jeremy Green: (2:08 PM ET ) I think the Eagles will go offense in the Round 1 and they will look at WR if they are not able to address the position in Free Agency. Philly has a tough schedule coming home - they will finish 7-9 and miss the playoffs.


andrew (CT): after his performance against walter jones on sunday has umenyiora taken the next step to being one of the elite d ends in football

Jeremy Green: (2:10 PM ET ) Great question. He dominated Jones yesterday and yes he has taken the next step. I always knew he could win 1x1 as a pass rusher but what was most impressive yesterday was that he showed me he can play the run. He is turning himself into a complete player - a player that has many Pro Bowls in his future.


Allen (CO): Has coaching passed Joe Gibbs by? The play calling I saw yesterday was not the same as it was his previous teneure. It seems to me to be a little bit softer. He is not going for the jugular like he use to. Remember Super Bowl XXII?

Jeremy Green: (2:11 PM ET ) I think there are issues with the offensive play calling. They are a team that likes to use max protection schemes, and that just doesn't work in this day and age. IF Moss is double covered and you only have two other options for Brunell to go to, you are going to be a little inconsistent on the offensive side of the ball.


Jay, New Jersey: What's the worst that could happen to Jerry Jones and the Cowboys with the Eagles complaint?

Jeremy Green: (2:13 PM ET ) Worst case scenario would be them (Jones) getting fined and losing a draft pick. if this is pursued, the Cowboys could potentially lose a mid-round pick if they are found to be in violation.


Mike (Massapequa): I know Jay Feely has been great all season, but how can you keep a guy on the team that most likely has no confidence?

Jeremy Green: (2:14 PM ET ) They need to monitor him closely this week in practice. Kickers tend to be a little on the fragile side mentally. You have to stick with him right now but as a staff you need to have a list of availbale kickers ready to go in case he just can't shake it off.


Dan (Dallas): Who will win the Dallas NY game on sunday? and does it determine the east's champion?

Jeremy Green: (2:16 PM ET ) The Giants will win and yes I think it will determine the Division champ. The Giants are playing well right now, they just need to stop shotting themselves in the foot with costly mental mistakes. Feely should take a lot of blame for the loss yesterday, but in reality it never should have come down to that because they blew numerous opportunities throughout the game to put Seattle away.


Nabeel (Harrisburg): Julius Jones seems to be struggling. Will Marion Barber take his place?

Jeremy Green: (2:17 PM ET ) No, they will continue to rotate both players. Both are solid players that bring a different running style to the table. If Dallas can get in a groove offensively and control the clock, there is no reason that both should not be productive on the same day.


Hodgie (Calgary, Ab Canada): In your opinion, do the Cowboys have the best group of young talent in the division and should this bode well for the future?

Jeremy Green: (2:18 PM ET ) Yes, escpecially on the defensive side of the ball. This off-season they will focus on their O-line and getting a young receiver. Their young defense is going to be special into the future as these guys start to mature.


Terry (Atlanta): Who do you think has the best recieving corps in the division?

Jeremy Green: (2:20 PM ET ) If you include the TE the Giants. Burress is the best receiver in the Division and with him seeing more double coverage, Toomer has stepped up. I also think speedy TIm Carter may make his presence felt by seasons end.


John (home): Doesn't it seem like the Eagle have no luck, they dump T.O., Mcnabb is out, and Brian Westbrook is finally starting to run again. Will the Eagles be back to the Championship game again in the next few years?

Jeremy Green: (2:22 PM ET ) Yes. This was a bizzare year for them but you don't just blow it up. They re-singed Westbrook and key defensive players (Brown, Sheppard and others). They still have a lot of young talent. With a healthy McNabb, they are not far from returning to where they were.


Jeff (Washington, DC): Do you think Bledsoe and Brunell will still be starters next year? If so, do you think they will be as effective next year as they have been this one?

Jeremy Green: (2:24 PM ET ) I think both will be back with their respective teams. In both cases the teams don't have other options. Romo sits to pee isn't ready in Dallas. When you look at Washington, Ramsey will be gone and from talking with people in the organization, Campbell has a long ways to go until he is ready.


Kevin (GA): Why did the Eagles give Westbrook a new contract when all this year, the whole talk was about the total lack of a run game?

Jeremy Green: (2:25 PM ET ) He means more to them than just running the ball. You could make a case for him being the best pass catching RB in the NFL. When they are at full strength, him being on the field opens up the offense for everyone else.


g unit (wash, dc): Any chance that Danny could get TO to come to Wash? I am not a fan but I would rather have him on my team than to be on the Cowboys.. Thoughts?

Jeremy Green: (2:27 PM ET ) Any time their is a big name guy on the marker the Redskins have to be in the mix. Gibbs wouldn't be real fired up about it because he is a little more "old school." That doesn't mean Snyder would not pull the trigger though. They desperately need him - they need to find someone who can make a play on the other side of Moss. T.O. fits that bill.


John (Maryland): What ever happened to Drew Henson, there was such a big deal made of who would get him when he quit baseball. Is he just not good enough for the NFL or does Parcells just not like him?

Jeremy Green: (2:28 PM ET ) Too much time away from the game. He just doesn't have it anymore. I don't see a future for Henson as an NFL QB.

Matt Williamson: (2:29 PM ET ) Hey Everyone, Matt Williamson here. Let's chat about the NFC Norris.


Rajkumar (Reston,VA): Do think the Redskins still have a chance to make the playoffs?


Frustrated Lions Fan (Lansing, MI): Do the Lions have ANY glimmer of hope in the near future? Was firing Mooch the right move? I guess things could be worse...I mean, we don't have T.O. to worry about...

Matt Williamson: (2:29 PM ET ) No. The Redskins are fading fast. They are struggling right now on both sides of the ball.

Matt Williamson: (2:30 PM ET ) Yes, there is a glimmer. Their QB situation is really a mess though, but they have some talent. Not sure how you can be a Lions fan and not be frustrated.

Jeremy Green: (2:30 PM ET ) OK Guys - I am out here. Thanks for the questions and see you next week.


Vik (Chicago): Do you think Kyle Orton has improved over the year? He still is getting around 150 yards/game. Is there any chance his productivity goes up the next few weeks?

Matt Williamson: (2:31 PM ET ) Orton has improved a great deal. He is playing effecient and not turning the ball over while allowing T Jones and the Bears' D to win them games. The Bears have won 7 in a row!


Chris (NY): Which quarterback do you think gives Chcago the best chance to advance in the Playoffs? I think as long as Orton does well the rest of the year we should stick with him, but I'm curious to see Grossman again. What do you think.

Matt Williamson: (2:31 PM ET ) Orton


megan (minneapolis): how many wins will the packers end up with this season?

Matt Williamson: (2:31 PM ET ) 4


Fred (Detroit, MI): Do u think the lions will go the playoffs next year?

Matt Williamson: (2:32 PM ET ) I sure don't. This franchise doesn't go to the playoffs.


jeff ((IN)): Can the Bears "D" carry them to the super bowl?

Matt Williamson: (2:33 PM ET ) Yes, they are similar to the Ravens a few years back, but I don't see it happening. The team is just too young. Watch out for next year though after they add another peice or two.


Josh (Grand Rapids): With no solution currently on their roster, where do the Lions go for their QB next season?

Matt Williamson: (2:34 PM ET ) Good question. Maybe sell the farm for Leinhart. Depends who takes over as the head guy.


Marina, CA: What is the best chance for the Vikings to get into the playoffs? The wildcard or the division?

Matt Williamson: (2:35 PM ET ) Wild Card. The Vikes has some serious talent.


Paul (Maryland): Is brett Favre done?

Matt Williamson: (2:35 PM ET ) Only if he wants to be. I think he has been exceptional this year with NOTHING around him.


Brian (Pittsburgh): Where does GB look in the draft? They are most likely looking at a top 5 pick...best defensive player available?


Matt Williamson: (2:37 PM ET ) That Bush kid from USC might make Favre want to come back and put the Pack back on the road to respectability with Bush, Driver and J Walker as weapons for #4.


Louis (DC): Where do you see Harrington next year? Are there any teams that are going to be interested in him or is he done?

Matt Williamson: (2:38 PM ET ) Some team out there will bring Harrington in at their price to make him the backup. There is such a shortage of QBs in the NFL, that someone will take a shot on Joey


Andy (IA): Should the Vikings trade Culpepper in the off season and look to take the franchise to a more balanced, ball-control approach in the future?

Matt Williamson: (2:38 PM ET ) No. Culpepper is the franchise guy and they have too much invested in him. The Vikes are married to Culpepper. He will rebound.


jeremy (missouri): do you think the packers are convinced that rodgers is the heir to favre?

Matt Williamson: (2:39 PM ET ) Hard to say, the guy hasn't been on the field for any meaningful snaps in a regular season game. QBs are a huge gamble.


Alan (IL): Does Green still want Bennett from the Vikes? What would ARZ offer that MIN could use next year?

Matt Williamson: (2:40 PM ET ) Bennett has little value and would only bring a mid round pick at best. He doesn't make many NFL teams better by adding him to their roster.


joe (durham): where do you think the problem in detroit lions offense? is it the ol or qb

Matt Williamson: (2:41 PM ET ) RT & QB are both pretty awful. The WRs are very young and it usually takes three years before guys develop at that position. Fans have expected too much too quick from the WRs, Mike Williams in particular.


Mike (Michigan): Do the Lions draft OL and go after Kitna?

Matt Williamson: (2:42 PM ET ) That would be an excellent suggestion. Bring in a RT that can play in the league and Kitna and their offense gets respectable quickly.


Ryan (MN): Is M. Moore an everydown back, or do the Vikes need to find a horse in the offseason?

Matt Williamson: (2:43 PM ET ) The Vikes could get by with Fason and Moore, but a true everydown RB would go a long way. Moore is valuable, but not an everydown RB.


Billy (Arkansas): Considering all the problems in Minnesota, if they don't make the playoffs is Tice's job in question?

Matt Williamson: (2:43 PM ET ) Perhaps. The Vikes have won 4 in a row though. That aint too shabby!


Greg (Florida): Do you think chicago would have the same luck with tampa bay if they had to play them again next week?

Matt Williamson: (2:44 PM ET ) Yes. I think the Bears are a better football team than the Bucs. Tampa's OL would get abused again by the Bears DL.


Jason (Illinois): Do you see Def Coord Ron Rivera leaving the Bears next year for a head coaching position?

Matt Williamson: (2:45 PM ET ) It is probably too early for Rivera to get a head job.


Tyler (Utah): Was drafting Troy Williamson the right move for Minn.? Every time i see Mike Williams play i say to myself he should be wearing Purple and Gold this year. Thoughts?

Matt Williamson: (2:46 PM ET ) Williamson is the deep threat that Minny needs to use Culpepper's talents and huge arm. It takes WRs a while. Be patient, Williamson is awfully talented.


Brandon (Minnesota): Is the Vikings defense for real? Or will this pass as soon as they play a quality team?

Matt Williamson: (2:46 PM ET ) Somewhere in between. There is a lot of talent on the Vikes D, but they are not a top ten unit.


Dave (College Park): Do the lions give dan orlovsky a shot to be the starting qb?

Matt Williamson: (2:47 PM ET ) Orlovsky is a lifetime backup in my book. Smart and a hard worker, but limited and doesn't have the tools to be the top guy.


jeff (detroit): do u think the lions should make a run at charlie weise

Matt Williamson: (2:47 PM ET ) Charlie looks pretty comfortable at ND


Keith (Aurora, Il): What pieces do you think the Bears need to add?...TE? WR?

Matt Williamson: (2:49 PM ET ) A first round TE (Lewis at UCLA or Pope at Georgia) would go a long way for their young QBs. One more speed WR wouldn't hurt either, but a stud TE would be ideal.


cole (michigan): if able to get kitna, do the lions use another pick on a qb somewhere in the 06 draft?

Matt Williamson: (2:49 PM ET ) If the right guy is there, they would have to. Kitna can't be considered the long term answer.


Brandon (Minnesota): Do the Vikes have a chance to catch the bears with 5 games to go?

Matt Williamson: (2:49 PM ET ) Nope


Dave (College Park): Has Joey Harrington caused Kevin Jones poor season because defense's focus mostly on the running game? or is Kevin Jones just not producing?

Matt Williamson: (2:51 PM ET ) Mostly the former. Jones will rebound if the Lions can add a legit RT and create a passing game. Not easy to do, but Jones is their RB for the near future. Many teams would kill to have Jones.


TD (Anchorage): What do the Pack need to get back to playoffs next years?

Matt Williamson: (2:52 PM ET ) 1. They need Favre to come back. 2. They need J Walker to come back. 3. They need a dynamic RB 4. They need at least one OG that is NFL ready. That is just on offense.


Mike (Massapequa): Is the Thomas Jones-Cedric Benson situation going to turn into something like the Brees-Rivers situation?

Matt Williamson: (2:53 PM ET ) Not right now. 2 RBs are almost becoming a requirement in this league. When the money becomes an issue, things could change, but for now the Bears are in great shape at RB.


CJ (WA): What about A.Green he will return next season right?

Matt Williamson: (2:54 PM ET ) In my book, Green is no longer a force. His better days are behind him and he doesn't make things happen on his own. He needs everything to be perfect.


Katie (IN): Do you think Gado has what it takes to be an everydown RB in the NFL? And will he stay in GB?

Matt Williamson: (2:56 PM ET ) GB would be foolish to let him go unless he wants big bucks. Gado is an ideal backup, but he isn't real shifty and he fumbles way too much. Remember, this guy has never been a starter...even at Liberty.


Jarrod(pekin IL): Will the bears go to the nfc championship game this year?

Matt Williamson: (2:57 PM ET ) I really like the Bears chances of getting to the Championship game this year. Their D is awesome.


jeff Stulz (farmington,mn ): Do you think minny will get a RB or OL in the 1st round, they are pretty well set at everything else

Matt Williamson: (2:58 PM ET ) Of course it depends on who is there and what they do in free agency, but a RT is their biggest need. A big RB would be a fantastic addition as well and they also need a center and/or guard.


CBS (D.C.): Why does Minn need a center if they have Matt Birk????

Matt Williamson: (3:00 PM ET ) Ideally, they could get a young player that can play both OC and OG to provide versatility, as Birk may not be able to 100% relied upon with his injury. Their line needs work.


Kyle Orton (Chicago): Is kyle orton a franchise qb in this league? Do the bears need to look elsewhere to find a qb who can win games himself?

Matt Williamson: (3:01 PM ET ) No and No. "Franchise QBs" are hard to find, expensive and do not always translate into wins. Orton as their #1 and Grossman as their #2 is outstanding with the D, OL and running game they have.


Kevin (Augusta): Is Joey Harrington as bas as he is made out to be?

Matt Williamson: (3:03 PM ET ) Probably not, but he is pretty bad. A change of team could do him good. He really presses and doesn't show the coolness, presence and overall leadership skills to win in this league. Being a #2 in a new city for a while could help his career.

Matt Williamson: (3:04 PM ET ) Guys, thanks for everything. It was fun. See ya next week.

Steve Muench: (3:05 PM ET ) Nice work Matt. Well, it's great to be here and let's get right to the questions.


Steve(North Carolina): What do you think of the round robin tournament over the next few weeks between Atlanta, Carolina, and Tampa Bay? Who has the upper hand?

Steve Muench: (3:07 PM ET ) Steve and this goes toward Peter from Atlanta's question as well; I think Atlanta has the upper hand. I have serious concerns about Carolina's offense and Sims is still a question mark in Tampa Bay. Atlanta has shown it can win the tough games down the stretch.


Brad Canton, NC: Is Deshaun Foster "The Man" now in Carolina? Also, what chance, if any, do you give Carolina to get the number one seed for the NFC Playoffs?

Steve Muench: (3:08 PM ET ) Brad,

I think DeShaun has to be the man because Davis isn't exploding through holes. I also don;t see Carolina taking home the No. 1 seed becuase of their inconsistent ground game and lack of ideal depth at receiver.


Joe, Metairie, LA: Steve, Who would be on the list to replace Jim Haslett as Saints coach, and who would be on the list to replace Brooks at QB?

Steve Muench: (3:10 PM ET ) Joe,

Even if you assume that neither returns next year it's almost impossible to predict who the replacements would be. Vermeil's decison to coach or retire will have a big impact on the coaching carousel. As far as quarterbacks go, it remaisn to be see what free agent are going to re-sgin with their current teams and the stock of collegiate qb's will rise and fall in the upcoming months.


Mike (Massapequa): With Mike Vick's known inaccuracy, how come more teams aren't bringing their safeties up in coverage or keeping linebackers in to stop either him or dunn running?

Steve Muench: (3:13 PM ET ) Mike,

the second you stop respecting something dangeous is the second it hurts you. Vick is inaccurate but he has a cannon for an arm and teams are afriad to move their safeties up as a result. In addition, keeping linebackers in the game instead of going to the nickel package and playing safeties in the box compacts the run defense. it should be stouter but it's also more vulnerable to giving up the long run because the last lines of defense are just five to six yards off the ball.


George (Philly) : Where has Michael Clayton gone? He showed so much promise last year.

Steve Muench: (3:16 PM ET ) George,

it's not uncommon for skills players to experience second-year slumps because defenses know their tendecnies making it easier for them to defend. In addition, Galloway's strong perfromance and the committment to the run means fewer touches for Clayton. That said I think that Clayton's game will evolve and he will be a solid No. 2 receiver in this league.


Lance Manion (New Orleans): hey Steve,how about Rohan Davey for the Saints QB in 2006? He was MVP in NFL Europe. He's got a great arm. He's an LSU product, so he'll be a fan favorite. He studied behind Tom Brady for the last 3 years. Could he be a darkhorse?

Steve Muench: (3:18 PM ET ) lance, Davey has great talent but he's even more inconsistent than Brooks. it's highly unlikley a team will sign him to start for it next year.


Dave in Charlotte: I don't think that the Panthers loss in Chicago and close victory in Buffalo should be reasons for concern given that they have been one of the top scoring teams until last week.Do you think they'll be more productive with a couple home games coming up?

Steve Muench: (3:21 PM ET ) Dave,

Playing at home always helps so Carolina should be more productive. The problem I have with the Chicago game is it was billed as a battle between two of the best in the NFC and for lack of a better way to out it the Panthers got punched in the mouth. They then bounced back to barely beat a Buffalo team that has admittedly played better at home but can't be viewed as a contender. Teams that play the best in the playoffs generally start coming together now so Carolina has to start showing improvement.


Mike (IA): Is Vick the most over rated player in the NFL?

Steve Muench: (3:24 PM ET ) This is one of the most debated topics arund the league. in my opinion he is underrated. I don't care that he is inconcistent and he doesn't have great accuracy. I do care that he fidns ways to put his team in a position to win football games. That's exacly what you want out of your quarterback. Can he lead the Falcons to the Super Bowl? I'm not sure he has developd enough as a passer but the potential is there.


Randy (evans, GA): New Orleans is awful, Haslett has no control over his team, Brooks is sparatic. Do you think it kills them to see Delhomme(The guy booted in favor of Brooks) doing so well in Carolina?

Steve Muench: (3:26 PM ET ) Randy,

Honestly, I think that it kills New orleans that it's not playing better mroe than anything else. I'm not sure that Delhomme is a good fit for New Orleans' scheme and that makes a big difference. I also belive that the Saints' wish Delhomme nothing but the best as long as they end up ahead in the end.


Mitch (NC): Excluding Vick who is the Athlete in the NFC South

Steve Muench: (3:28 PM ET ) Mictch, I like Simeon Rice and Steve Smith but I have to say it's Julius Peppers. I know I'm not shocking the football wolrd with that pick but he moves so well and he can line up all over the field.


Chris (Baltimore): With Simms being a RFA after this year, does he stay with the Bucs or go elsewhere? I like what I'm seeing so far and I'm hoping he stays in Tampa.

Steve Muench: (3:29 PM ET ) Chirs, Tampa Bay will make enough of an offer to make it difficult for anyone to sign Simms away from them. That way they create a little more time to make a decison. The other possibility is Sims plays so well over the last five games the Buccaneers sign him to a long-term deal.


Mike (Charlotte, NC): Steve Smith probably won't get MVP this year but what about comeback player of the year?

Steve Muench: (3:30 PM ET ) Mike, I love him for that award because of the leg injury and the deaprture of Muhammad during the off-season.


Paul (Durham): How immediate of a concern is the panthers recent o-line troubles?

Steve Muench: (3:33 PM ET ) Paul,

it's a signfincant concern but they can fix their problems .

Steve Muench: (3:33 PM ET ) Alright time for some NFC West questions.


Eric (Seattle): If the Seahawks earn home field advantage throughout the playoffs, who do you think, if anybody, has a chance of winning in Seattle? 11 false starts and three missed FG's for the Giants proves it is a very tough place to play.

Steve Muench: (3:36 PM ET ) Eric, the crowd was awesome on sunday and that's great news for the Seahawks but I think Chicago could still a game there. That defense is so strong it could slow down Seattle's balanced attack. How about a curveball in Minnesota? Brad Johnson has plenty of big-game experience and he's used to playing in adverse conditions. Don;t forget Dallas either.


Daniel (NC): Who does Arizona need more, a QB or an RB?

Steve Muench: (3:38 PM ET ) Daniel, Arizona clearly needs a runing back more than it needs a runing back. Warner is capable of getting the job done with a strong supporting cast but the ground game has been nonexistent. While the offensive line should shoulder most of the blame, the Cardinals don;t have a franchsie back capable of avergaing 20+ carries a game. That being said I believe that both Warner and McCown are free agents, which will affect how Arizona attacks its roster.


Mike (Michigan): Where will Martz coach next year and who do you like as his replacement?

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