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How would you grade our safety play? Seems on the OT TD and the one in the 4q ST was caught up inside to far.

How accountable is ST and Clark for all the big runs this year? Aren't the safeties aptly named because they are supposed to keep the end zone safe!

I see ST chasing a lot. I also thought it was intersesting to see our marquee players burned by Gates on that first play of OT. Big Antonio is fast!

ST I am afraid is not making the plays or statements he needs to. LT also stiff armed ST out of bounds with a "you ain't nuthin", we didn't whack him back and also Clark was just pushed off like a rag doll.

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This was Antonio Gates worst outing of the season, it was also LT's worst until the fourth quarter and overtime. The reason those plays happened is because the wrong defense was called and the Chargers smelled it. Their two big runs came on downs where GW in his infinite wisdom committed to a pass blitz. GW moved away from his game plan late. He tries to adjust when no adjustments need to be made. This loss is on the coaches.

Sean Taylor is now the best safety in football. If you look at the marquee recieving threat of every team we have played against, they had their worst statistical game of the year against us. The only exception might be Terry Glenn. He got us on a trick play. It is not seeing Sean Taylor in on every play that makes him so great. He vitually takes away one side of the field on every play. Then when he does show up on a play he takes someones head off or causes a fumble. If he wasn't on this team we would probably be 0-11. I am serious.

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