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If you could release any player at this moment, who would it be?


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If I could release anyone on the team right now, it would be a guy that is insanely overpaid, signed up for years to come, but yet is near the end of his career and has solid choices behind him to replace him.

If only we had someone like that...

I want to change my answer!!!!!!!! BEcause with that money we can buy a top class replacement for Royal

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Mark Brunell.

Don't get it twisted, I like the guy and I think he's played very well....but he's hiding weaknesses and making people think we can win now. IMO this team needs a year to build and accept the fact that we have a rookie that needs to be developed next season, with patience even if we lose becasue of him. I don't see us doing that with Mark on the roster.

There are some coaches that I think need to go as well.

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