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If we do get to the playoffs how far will we actuall go? "Rant On"


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If they continue to shut down in the 3rd quarter, and use this same playing scheme in the playoffs as well, what good does that DO!!? It just gets us further away from a draft pick. If we can’t play a full four quarters in the regular season how are we going to win “IF” we make the playoffs? I’m mean, I actually think I would rather miss the playoffs then to lose the first game in the same fashion we have lost the last three games. I wish some of the coaching staff would try and understand that the game has changed and that a lead in the second half doesn’t give them the right to shutdown and play conservative. This style of play lets the team down as well as the 12th man. Look at the Colts they put up deep balls deep into the 4th quarter with a huge lead, Tony Dungy also used shutdown to conservative mode but he woke up and look at them now. Many people are blaming the refs for the last 3 games, I did as well, but I’ve come to realize that the refs are always going to make bad calls. This isn’t the reason why we lose, if we put up more points instead of punting the ball away and depending on our defense late in the game, a bad call by the refs wouldn’t matter because we would have points in the bank to offset the ref’s bad calls. The last three games makes me wonder if opposing teams are waiting for us to shut down in the middle of the 3rd so that they can make a run. (Ok that last sentence was a little off but I’m so pissed right now I don’t know what I’m saying.) I truly believe that this is a playoff caliber team with the exception of a few I won’t name names “WALT HARRIS”, “ROBERT ROYLE”. They would be a much better team if they played a full four quarters, and stop trying to turn Portis in into Riggins, because that’s not going to happen, Portis is not a wait for his lineman type of runner, although yesterday he did wait and follow is line and got some nice yards, but he still will never be a Riggins. Second, Moss “I think” is the 3rd best receiver in the NFC isn’t he??, why don’t we go to him more? I just don’t understand why they can’t see what’s there doing wrong and change it, I mean the fans see it, the press sees it, my Wife saw it yesterday (see asked me why are they playing like they did in the first half). It’s right there in front of there faces, what?? do they need to be hit in the head with a Riddell size 8 ¼ helmet?? Why don’t they change?? Is it pride?? Or do they actually believe they can make this offense work in this day and age?? Ok Rant off, I was fine till I came into work and started listening to 980, I’m still pissed but I feel better now.

PLAYOFFS?????????? PLAYOFFS?????????

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Let me start off by saying that i love the Redskins, and i would quit watching football before i jump the bandwagon, but this is a demoralizing time for me. Simply because this is such a historic franchise with 3 Superbowls (how many franchises can boast about that)? But for the past 13 year - 13 YEARS!?!?! - we we have been to the playoffs one time and that was 6 seasons ago. As much as i would love to remain positive and opitimistic, what we have been going through is just too damn draining. Every season its the same thing, we either start off good and fade towards the end or we start off bad and finish strong but not strong enough to clinch a playoff birth. In either senario, i always hear "well maybe next year" or "we can see what we have going into next year" or "lets gain some momentum going into 'next season'" :( .. My opinion is that we need to take an honest look at our personel from the front office down to the players. At this point i can care less about egos or feelings. I'm sure that there are alot of good people in this organization, but are they helping us win? We surely need a real GM, we need a new and improved Offensive Coordinator, we need a pass rush, we need a solid nickel corner (granting that CR has finally arrived). And i hate to say it but we may need to either retool our O-line or shop for another O-line coach. In any event we need to do what ever it takes to win, point blank, I really don't care to hear about guys "fighting their guts out" any longer - rightnow its winning time and if you can't produce then cut them loose!!!!! (i.e. Walt Harris, Robert Royal, Renaldo Wynn, Warrick Holdman...etc) :mad:

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