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Remember The Garbage Pail Kids?

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I was just thinking about those cards from back in the 80's because I wanted to think about something other than yesterdays game. They make a new series every 5 years it looks like. I was searching the web and I didnt even know that they still exsisted. There are up to Series 4 right now. This year its, its 20th year anniversary, not too bad for a bunch of gross ****s. ;) Does anybody here still collect them or at least used to collect them? I did, but Im not sure what happened to them. Im thinking about starting again, would that be stupid? It would be my hobby as we like to call it.



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The very first Garbage Pail Kid! 1985wacky_GPK.jpg

Isnt it crazy how things just start up?

The artwork shown here was the very first Garbage Pail Kid ever made! It was painted by John Pound for Topps'1985 series of Wacky Packages, but it was never published.

A few days after this painting was completed, Topps asked John Pound to begin creating idea sketches and paintings for a new sticker series, to be called "Garbage Pail Kids".


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Now I'm gonna go old school on ya. Wacky Packs.


Damn thats old, I have never even heard of that before. Is that like Garbage Pail Kids for the 70's? ;) Those are cool as hell thanks for sharing..hope you dont mind I went ahead and copied them into one of my files to share them with some of my friends.
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