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A Look at the 2006 Redskin Roster


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Wuzzup everyone, I realize we're 5-6.

Yeah, we're 5-6. Oh well...I'm about to bring a new flavor to "There is Always Next Year." By creating the ideal Redskins roster...and also mapping out in pretty good detail how some of the key players will contribute.

The 2006 Washington Redskins


QB: Jason Campbell


Strengths: Height, Speed, Arm Strength, Accuracy

Contribution: Gives the Redskins a young gun with a great feel for the offense. Class act with a great arm and good accuracy. Throws nice touch passes, doesn't have a history of jamming the ball into traffic.

Projections: 20 TD's 10 INT's

RB: Clinton Portis


Strengths: Hits the Hole Quick, Acceleration, Great Work Ethic

Contribution: A solid contributor to the Washington Redskins, Clinton Portis brings consistancy and speed to this Washington Redskins Squad.

Projections: 1,412 Yards 11 TD's

WR1: Santana Moss

Strengths: Speed, Accelration (YAC), Great Hands, Great Work Ethic

Contribution: Led Recieving Corps in 05', and shows great speed.

(Not much Info Needed, we know all about our buddy Moss :D)

Projections: 1,120 Yards, 8 TD's

WR2: Jason Avant


Strengths: Great Push off the Line, Height, Catches the Ball in Traffic, Great Size.

Contribution: Jason Avant (aquired in a Draft Day trade) was selected in the second round, 12th by the Washington Redskins. He brings a great deal of size to the Receiving Corp, which it lacked in 05. He makes catches in Traffic and importantly, consitantly catches the ball.

Projections: 787 Yards, 7 TD's


WR3: Taylor Jacobs

Contributions: Shows good hands and decent speed.

Projections: 282 yards, 2 TD's

TE/Hback: Sellers and Cooley


DE: Manny Lawson


Strengths: Height (vertical jump machine could'nt measure his jump), Speed and Accelration, has great moves to the QB, can play special teams, has blocked many punts, has a large wingspan, comparable to Jevon Kearse.

Contributions: The 6'4 Manny Lawson was selected by the Washington Redskins in the first round, pick number 22 (acquired in a Draft Day Trade) out of NC State. He's been known to get after the quarterback, and brings the pressure that the Washington Redskins anemic pass rush has needed.

Projections: 31 Tackles, 7.5 Sacks

DT: Cornelius Griffen


Strengths: Great Pash Rusher, Energetic, has a great motor

Contributions: Arugably the star of the Redskins defense through 04-05, Cornelious Griffen returns primed for another great year. He offers a great pass rush, and with the newly added Manny Lawson, should help the Redskins get after opposing QB's.

Projections: 66 Tackles, 7 Sacks

DT2: Joe Saleve'a

DE2:Philip Daniels


Strengths: Solid Run Defender, Great Motor, Good Moves

Contributions: Philip Daniels was a solid contributor in 05', and he will replace Renaldo Wynn on the opposite side of Manny Lawson, number 91. He is great against the run, but has aged against the pass. With Lawson on the other side, should get more pressure.

Projections: 30 Tackles, 3 Sacks

CB: Carlos Rodgers


Strengths: Strong, Athletic and Physical, Carlos Rodgers is the perfect corner for the Washington Redskins secondary. He replaces Walt Harris next to Shawn Springs, and will be joined near the Nickel Position by Rookie Justin Wyatt.

Contributions: After having a good showing in 05, Rodgers proved he was ready to start. He should be a great help to the 06' Redskins in helping them reach the post-season and beyound.

Projections: 28 Tackles, 5 INT's

CB2: Shawn Springs

Nickel/CB3: Justin Wyatt


Strengths: Quick to the Ball, Fluid Out of his break, loves to wrap up and tackle. Lightweight and fast, makes and ideal nickel corner at the next level.

Contributions: After a good season at USC, Justin Wyatt was picked with the Redskins intial second round pick. He shows great quickness to the ball, and excells at the position he plays (nickel). Could afford to put on weight, but in the right system he has all the tools to be successful at 6'0.

Projections: 21 Tackles, 2 INT's

FS: Sean Taylor


Strengths: Hard Hitter, Never Quits, Makes Huge Plays, and makes everyone around him better.

Contributions: Sean Taylor brings a bad-boy attitude to the defense that fires it up week in and week out. He was solid in 05', and proves to be more so in 06'. Now with and adept understanding of Gregg Williams defense, Sean has improved in coverage, making him more dangerous and multidimensional than ever.

Projections: 75.0 Tackles, 5 INT's, 3 FF

SS: Ryan Clark

Special Teams

K: John Hall

P: Tom Malone


Strengths: Punted for a good USC Trojans team. Has strong hit on the ball, and averages very nicely. Rarely shanks and punt, and is great at the Coffin Corner and the Poison Hangtime Punt.

Contributions: May not Start in 06, but if Tom Tupa cannot go he is a great insurance policy. Averaging in the high forty's at USC, Malone is a great solid punter. He was selected in Round 5 by the Washington Redskins to replace much-hated punter Derrick Frost. With his net average and skill with hangtime, watch out for him in training camp.

Projections: 3,450 Yards, 7 Touchbacks, 17 Inside 20, Avg of 45.3

That about sums it up.

If this doesn't get you excited for the 06' season, then what will get you excited??? :D

HTTR :cheers:

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We need to draft Mike "7-11" Hass from Oregon State. The guy leads Div-1A recieving for the last two years with garbage QBs. He's "7-11" cause he's always open. A ricky proehl type possession reciever with cooley like hands and very good speed. the perfect compliment to Moss. I'm biased I know.

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I like it, but you failed to address the most pressing need on our team -- the offensive line!!!

That is a tough one, because, who is hurting us?

Not Jansen

Not Thomas

Not Samuals

I doubt that you can get a guy better than Rabac in FA or Draft, especially when you consider value

So do you pin it all on Dockery? Seems a little much to pin it all on him, and he has improved a bit, I have no idea what you do with the line.

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Vernon Davis would be nice at TE, good local product too. I however would not mind leaving in Sellars, Cooley, Robert Johnson, Kozlowski, and Manuel White as our H-Backs/TE's.

I would prefer a DE and Guard as those positions seem to stand out the most.

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Campbell having 20 TD's and 10 picks in his first season? Come on now. I'm not going to research the stats, but I'd be willing to bet that those #'s would make him the most successfull rookie in the history of the NFL.

I like Campbell a lot, I liked the pick, and I am looking forward to cheering for him and watching him succeed in the future, but I hope the Jason Campbell era begins as far in the future as possible (which in my opinion will/should be the 2007 season). The longer Brunell stays healthy and productive, the longer Campbell gets to ease his way into playing the most demanding position in sports in arguably the most difficult city to play said position. Among those who evaluate talent, even the most enthusiastic Campbell supporters conceded he was years (plural) away from being ready tap into his own substantial physical talent and promising intangible quialities.

Contrary to what many think, we have an excellent quarterback starting for us right now. This franchise has added several significant pieces each of the last two seasons and this season should leave all of us fans seeing just how few pieces we have left to add. The QB is NOT the problem. Rebuildiung with veteran QB at the helm is a lot more palatable than doing so with a rookie . . . be careful what you wish for.

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I like Campbell a lot, I liked the pick, and I am looking forward to cheering for him and watching him succeed in the future, but I hope the Jason Campbell era begins as far in the future as possible (which in my opinion will/should be the 2007 season). The longer Brunell stays healthy and productive, the longer Campbell gets to ease his way into playing the most [highlight]demanding position in sports in arguably the most difficult city to play said position.[/highlight]

I thought New York was the hardest city to play in especially at QB, cause the fans demand alot more than we do I think, they put more pressure on the guy more than D..C fans, thats just my opinion.

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I like the little preview you gave us! But how did we get that many high picks?

How do we get a 1st rounder and an extra 2nd in 2006?

Easy....we call up Denver and trade them our 2007 & 2008 1st rounders...a 2006 & 2007 3rd rounder and throw in Clinton Portis. Our picks then turn out to be the last of each round because Denver had won the Super Bowl but Gibbs thought they hadn't actually won. After sending tapes of the Super Bowl to the league offices Gibbs protest results in a hearing which results in the league crowning the Cowboys Super Bowl Champs in late March so we move up one spot in the April draft. In 2007 Portis breaks the all time single season rushing record as Denver repeats but not really.

Our 1st rounder rides the bench for 3 seasons before the next administration finds out that he can't play at this level. Our 2nd round pick blows out his knee in preseason and returns to be a top level practice squad player.

Can we get a GM already?????????????????

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