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Where's Darnerian McCants when you need him?


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And yet everyone keeps talking about that big possession type receiver that would compliment Moss, McCants should have been it. It is as if everyone wants to forget what he did here two years ago.

You have to do more than just catch the ball.

You actually have to learn the playbook.

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Right...4th string on a division rival when he could be used here. I was more impressed with those 2 catches from last year then Jacobs all this year.

Dude, your scareing me.

Jacobs had a good game, and made some clutch catches yesterday. Jacobs hasn't seen the field much, and needs the time any reciever needs to get the timing down at real game speed. He was night and day from one week ago, and if we keep throwing to him, it's going to lighten up the doubles on Moss in the long run. It has more to do with Brunell locking onto Moss. If he can actually use some of the field vission he's said to have, things will open up.

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