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A Little Song about the Season


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by RamsTheMan (a.k.a FightingDepressionFromLoss)

At the beginning of the season, my hopes were high

Ramsey would start, and passes would fly

Then he got hit, and the hit was big

By the big LB, his name was Briggs

At first we curst Gibbs and said he sucked

But then Brunell learned to run and duck

He threw the ball without hitting a poodle

He had a gun we confused for a noodle! :laugh:

We beat the Cowboys by just one point

We were hype we talked 12-4 in the joint!

We beat the Hawks in OT battle

Made the Seahawks cry to Seattle

At this point I said we're 3-0 we're back son!

I probably should have listened to Tom Jackson...

So we went out West with our heads so thick

Through 2 games, proceeded to get our ass kicked

We came home jumbled, we came home bumbled

Still trying to figure out how Rock fumbled :doh:

After that we got a break

Blew up the Niners a piece of cake

Then we got full of our selves

And you swear 0-36 we put our team on the shelves

But we said next week, we'll kill the Birds

Then the we did, and said some Words

Like "We're the best team in the Division!"

"Look at how Mark throws with precision!"

That ended up being a bad decision

Through the next three games we played pretty badly

Lost three in a row, 3-0? I said sadly...

But before you go to bed, and take a few lozenges

Let RamsTheMan give you some postives:

All our games were close to the knot

Be brung our guts we always fought

We beat the boys, we started strong

With 5 Games to go, keep holding on


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Strong performance there, RTM. I know it's artistic license, but did KC and Denver really "kick our asses?" Other than that, pretty sweet. I think a lot of people around here have forgotten the highlights of this season. It's been a tough year, but there have been some great moments too. Thanks for the reminder!


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