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what is the identity of our running game..


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today i was sitting in section 447, almost an endzone view and watched our running game and i just don't see what our identity of running game is...

Portis is an AFC style running back, more finesse, slashing type rb..

but we have NFC East type of OL.. big, strong, but not as athletic.

on the stretch plays and sweeps.. our OL can not get in front of the DL to create holes.. I saw a lot of reaching by our OL, there are no cutback lanes and the DL strectes the play to the sidelines and forces portis to 1-3 yard..

I think this is an area that needs to be addressed.

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We played the best rush defense in the NFL today. I wasn't expecting much to begin with. I think Portis has done fine for us this season. Not too sure why we need some rushing identity. As long as we just stay with the run and establish it throughout a ball game, I could care less what our identity is.

We actually have the 4th best rushing attack in the NFC. I'm not too sure what everyone is complaining about.

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I don't know if this means anything at all, but Clinton Portis is not the same style runner as Riggs, Rogers, and Riggins. Those runners ran the ball between the tackles. Portis is a slasher like Dorsett and Darrin Nelson. We've gone away from the typical things like the counter trey and 50 gut to compliment Portis, whose biggest strength is rushing outside. I think this means a whole lot. Portis is not your typical pound-it-in-there type runner.

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