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Gibbs, Please Resign


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Im sorry guys but the OLD ball coach, is just too old. I love him to death, but we have dropped 6 of our last 8, and all but one of the games came down to the wire. You simply can not sit on a small lead for the entire 2nd half of football. To add to this we are just too darn predictable. Maybe if Coach Gibbs wasn't thinking about how Tony Stewart won the Nextel Cup we would have been smart enough not to line up in shotgun on 3rd and short, let me guess, are the play is a draw to portis??? no its a pass obviously, also poor play calling all game, especially the run plays. Poor coaching to have a linemen hold on a critical game winning situation after a turnover, he should have been coached better. There was a chance to say okay guys we are IN field goal range so lets just let Clinton get us one or two yards closer and close the game out. Gibbs has just been out of football too long, concentrate on NASCAR old man. On a side note Brunell is not the QB of the future, Ramsey didn't even get a chance this year, and didn't we draft a QB in the FIRST round of the draft in which we traded so much for??? Sorry Gibbs, you can't cut the mustard. Please get outta town.

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