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I know there's no excuses for a loss at all, but you guys are forgetting their injuries.

Ladell Betts has been out and is a good special teamer and lets Portis rest. Cartwright can do well sometimes, but Betts is on the borderline of being a starter in my opinion.

Obviously the more important one is receivers. Patten has been out and Thrash was out, again making special teams suffer.

And I believe the MOST important one is Sellers. No explanation needed considering, Robert Royal.

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Every team has injuries. Good teams overcome their injuries.

The Redskins' problem is that they have had a lousy FO for a decade so they have absolutely no depth.

We basically cannot afford an injury on the D-line' date=' O-line, receiving corps, and secondary. That's bad.[/quote']

spoken like a true lombardi, lol

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You're right, BlackOps ... there's no excuses. If you want to go that route you can find plenty to whine about, but the simple fact is that when the Skins have played well they've won and when they've made mistakes they've lost.

All year long.

Every game.

We are what we are.

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