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Is this what Hell is like?


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My concept of Hell is never-ending pain. I know this isn't life or death but in terms of the part of my life that involves being a Redskins fan, this is hell on earth. To lose one game like this every so often is painful. To lose three in a row like this makes me feel like I'm in a bad dream I can't wake up from. The Cowboys have lost some close games this year, but it's child's play compared to this.

Usually at this point in the season I console myself by thinking of how good the Joe Gibbs era was and how his coaching would be the difference between winning and losing these close games. What now? How do console myself now?

I haven't given up yet on the Gibbs II era. When you lose this many games by such a close margin, (one would think) you can't be far away from winning games consistently. The problem is they're going in the wrong direction! We won three close games to start the season and that gave me the false impression that they had turned a corner. So I really don't know what to think.

Meanwhile around here the Bears are experiencing an 8-3 season. With teams like the Bears and Bengals headed for the playoffs this season, it only heightens my sense of dispair.

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Yes i think this is what hell is like...

a defensive coordinater thats supposedly a genius but wont put your star players and your future star cornerback on the field at the same time.

you blow fourth quarter leads

you start 3-0 but suck after that

You pay your running back 45 mill but he is no shaun alexander(though i am a portis fan)

your in danger of going into lass place in your division

you find yourself wondering what it would be to be a colts fan

you see your arch rivals the cowboys challanging for the super bowl and the divison lead in which your in.

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