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OT - Laugh 'til you cry article on Madden '03

Carlito Sway

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I've seen many threads about Madden '03, so when I stumbled across Bill Simmon's column (The Sports Guy, the most laugh-out-loud writer to ever walk the earth), I had to post it for you guys.

I'd cut-n-paste, but the accompanying graphics and all make it worthwhile to click the link. Trust me.

Here's a teaser:

"On the heels of Pat Summerall's retirement and John Madden's defection to ABC, Al Michaels debuts on "Madden 2003," and it takes a while to get used to his play-by-play. No, not because they neglected to add Video Al making veiled references to the gambling line in the final two minutes (the "And there's a small percentage of people who are very interested to see what happens on fourth-and-goal here" routine). Al's fine. I just loved Video Summerall in these games, only because it was impossible to tell where Video Pat left off and Real Pat began:

Flag on the play!

BONE-yoll, to kick off.

Uh-oh ... there's a man down!

Ah-WAY-za-kay, back for the kickoff.

Touchdown, Broncos!

Looks like he's short.

I'm still convinced that Fox used the "Madden" version of Summerall as their play-by-play guy for his last two seasons ... it was that realistic. When everything is said and done, I think Pat Summerall will be remembered as the greatest video game broadcaster of all-time. And you think I'm kidding".



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