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I am so bitter about our field position


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Frost has been absolutely horrible. No hang time, no distance. Why did we cut Groom for him in the first place. Groom was doing just fine I thought.

I feel like we should have challenged the lateral towards the end of the 4th quarter. I felt it was close enough in that those 11 yards made a big difference, especially with our punting situation having been so bad for quite a few weeks.

Frost has to be cut tomorrow though.

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Maybe we need a new coach. Has the game passed Joe by?
Sorry about that one guys! Man! That was a close one, it happens. But, don't give up on Joe. Heck, he just won, the "Winston Cup". I know---bad time for attempted humor, but it's better than cryin'. I don't mean you---I love the Skins!:dallasuck
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