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Where do I get online movies?


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I am at work today, and I am bored to death. We are not allowed to watch DVD's on our CPU's. I see people watching movies all the time though. Too bad none of them are here right now or I would ask them how they are doing it.

Anyway, I want to watch a movie, or a show or SOMETHING, because I am dying here.

Does anyone know where to get a movie that I don't have to download on to my CPU, and it's free?

I am pretty good with computers but I can't find any.

Maybe it's because I can hardly keep my eyes open. :doh:

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Limewire is the best option, it will take a while to finish them though. You can use torrents too if you want. Just google limewire and download it.

WARNING: I got screwed over one time when I downloaded Star War Episode III, my computer was utterly destroyed because it turned out to be a virus. I wouldn't be surprised if Lucas Arts made it and sent it around to screw people over (well I was stealing, so I can't exactly be outraged). Also, use a program called Peer Guardian to protect yourself against companies that want to find out who you are. In addition to anti spy ware etc...

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any p2p program. Kazaa-lite or limewire tend to be somewhat slow though, depending on your network. I know for colleges, limewire is fast cause it keeps the network between on campus students, at least JMU does. However, yes, some movies do mess up your computer, one did for me freshman year and I got lucky, just had to create a new "user" on the computer is what it told me to do.

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